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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Let Us Renew Our Vows, Tumblr That’s Just Illustrated Puns on Famous Ladies Names

Seven months ago, I pledged myself utterly to, in the most formal way I could manage on short notice. At the time I wasn’t even sure if a human being could marry a blog! Especially if they’ve never even talked to the people who run it!

But I’m happy to report that more than half a year later, Ladypuns still brings me joy with every post.

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  • Dave

    That’s HEDLEY — wait.

  • Robert Vary

    I’m pretty sure that’s actually an accurate representation of Jane Goodall.

    Also, I may be showing my out-of-touchness, but can someone explain the “Valentino Tereshkova” to me? I mean, I know who Valentina Tereshkova is, but the only Valentino I can come up with is Rudolph and I’m pretty sure that’s not right.

  • ClassyPancakes

    I don’t know who the last one is or who she’s being punned as :3

  • Lady Commentariat

    I would watch the hell out of nearly all of these.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Valentina Tereshkoa was the first woman in space. Russian cosmonaut who went into space in 1963. I’m assuming Valentino is Valentino Garavani, the fashion designer.

  • Robert Vary

    Ah, got it. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Ruth Vader Ginsburg is just so badass!!