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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Posters For Movies You Might Remember Troy McClure From

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He’s Troy McClure. You might remember him from such shows as The Simpsons, where his absurd filmographic history was a running gag every time an educational video was watched or an infomercial had. Now the blog You Might Remember Me From… has gone back and made movie posters and VHS covers from some of McClure’s greatest Simpson’s hits. Check out our favorites in this gallery, and remember the acting exploits of Springfield’s greatest thespian.

(via Neatorama and You Might Remember Me From…)

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  • dorothy_notgale

    Wait, “The Erotic Adventures of Hercules” is NOT a real porno? I am legitimately surprised by that.

  • Anonymous

    2) Where’s “Daddy drinks because you cry”?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty glad they included Firecrackers: The Silent Killer!

  • Anonymous

    “Hi! We’re The Simpsons! You might remember us from such good seasons as…Season 4! And Season 7!”

  • Amanda LaPergola

    That earwig poster should have come with a trigger warning.

    Eew. Eew!

  • Dessa Brewington

    If it wasn’t before the Simpsons, I’m sure it was after.