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The World’s End Gets a Full Trailer, We Get Almost Two Minutes of Scifi Fun and Nonsense

Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and now The World’s End the much touted final “chapter” of the Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg collab, swings into American theaters this August (Britons get it in July), and I think I might be looking forward to this more than Star Trek, Mr. Pegg.

(via Deadline.)


  • Anonymous

    Seems like it might be better than “This is the End”.

  • James Fletcher

    For the first minute of that I was thinking “okay, so I guess this is their version of the Hangover” and then shit got real.

    Also, it’s weird to see Nick Frost in the responsible adult role and Simon Pegg as the slacker friend.

  • Hannele Kormano

    OK, I now need to avoid all other marketing materials for this movie so I don’t spoil it for myself like Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim. #goodluck

  • Anonymous

    That looks genius!

  • Betty Windsor

    Simon’s “WHAT!?”

    Brought so much nostalgic warmth to my heart.

  • Rachel Ripley

    so…much…win… these lads make me proud to be British :)

  • Brand

    So Beerfest x War of the Worlds? I’m up for it.

  • Calum Syers

    Wright+Pegg+Frost+Freeman+Considine+Marsan=British Win!

  • Anonymous


  • Lance Bravestar

    It’s “Shaun” not “Sean”.

  • Lance Bravestar

    I think Paul sort of did that. Though, it’s not part of the trilogy, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    So. Much. Awesome.

  • Shauni Farella

    loved the continuation of the fence gag from Shaun and Hot Fuzz

  • Erin Treat

    Yeah because Edgar Wright didn’t direct it. I still absolutely loved Paul and I hope no matter what nonsense they spout about this being the end, Pegg and Frost (and Wright too) keep working together for years to come.

  • Anonymous

    They HAVE to! They’re bestest friends 4evaaaaa!

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, I didn’t just type that…