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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

The Katniss Everdeen Barbie

We admit it! We greeted the announcement of a Hunger Games Barbie with a little skepticism. Okay, a lot of skepticism. The secondary marketing for the movie (which took first place at the box office for the third weekend in a row this weekend, beating Titanic‘s 3D rerelease and yet another American Pie movie, grossing more than $450 million globally so far) has ridden a surprisingly satirical line by speaking to its audience as if they were citizens of the hedonistic, voyeuristic Capitol; casting those who would excitedly anticipate The Hunger Games as those who would excitedly anticipate the Hunger Games.

A Katniss Barbie, however, seemed outside of that particular merchandizing plan. We feared the transformation of Katniss Everdeen into a Barbie doll in much the same way that Katniss is transformed into a dressed up Capitol plaything, but it appears what we’ve actually gotten looks more like an action figure than anything else.

Here’s the Katniss Barbie, available for preorder today, in stores August.

Says designer Bill Greening:

I chose to dress her in the outfit she wears during the games, since this is where all the non-stop action takes place and is instantly recognizable by fans. Of course, she wears her mockingjay pin proudly on her lapel… The doll’s minimalistic style and details — such as her loosely braided hair and makeup-free look — also really embody the heroic character Katniss… I am a huge Hunger Games fan and loved all three books, so it was truly an amazing experience for me to be able to design the Katniss Barbie doll. I think it really pays tribute to Katniss and The Hunger Games.

Oh, and in other news, Gary Ross might not be quite as out of the running for Catching Fire as it would appear.

(via Entertainment Weekly.)

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  • Kath

    Okay, that’s pretty badass.

    Could have darkened her features a bit, though. But still not bad.

  • Sarah

    “The secondary marketing… speak[s] to its audience as if they were citizens of the hedonistic, voyeuristic Capitol”

    Yeah, I’ll admit I bought several of the nail polishes. THEY WERE PRETTY.

  • Trish Loyd

    I love the description of this doll as an action figure. It hit me when I read that that we as girls/women don’t have a lot of action figures that are women.  This Barbie/action figure is one I’d be proud to buy for my niece without cringing and wondering if I’m condemning her to a lifelong pursuit of perfect hair, and double FF size boobs.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, isn’t that the sort of thing people criticise Barbie for?

  • Anonymous

    Because a lifelong pursuit of perfect hair and double FF sized boobs is the inevitable fate of any girl ever exposed to a non-action figure doll.

  • Anna B

    I love it! 

    This has to be the first weaponized barbie, right? Or have they been selling archer accessories in the past and I just didn’t know it? 

    Can we get a Peeta and Gale “Ken” too?  Because… ugh, you know. Just to complete the set? Which, er, probably means there should be a Primrose doll. Yeah.That’s a good idea, right?

  • Sarah

    Hey some of us get FF boobs genetically.

    I’m wondering if all of her joints are pose-able.

  • BlueFairy

    Well, my awesome Uhura Barbie came with a Phaser, and I know there were some Kens with weapons among the LOTR Barbies. :)

    Edited to add: Oh, right, and the I-wish-it-wasn’t-so-expensive Athena Barbie had a big-ass spear!

  • BlueFairy

    (Doll collector here) She will probably have at least elbow and wrist articulation on top of the standard shoulders, hips and limited knee movement, many recent character/movie dolls have had that. If they used a “Fashionista-style” body, she might also have a swivel under the bust and knees that bend further, but I wouldn’t count on that. The important joint that even the most pose-able Barbies are missing is the ankle, but her boots would cover that anyway.

    Incidentally, I totally want those fantastic tiny boots.

  • Sophie

    >< Now small girls can play at fighting their friends in a gladiatorial child death match. Have fun kids!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing – anything can now be associated with The Hunger Games – even wine for each district!

  • Anonymous

    There’s a few DC superhero Barbies, of which Wonder Woman at least has her Lasso of Truth.

    And while I don’t recall weapons on Barbie Barbies, there are combat type Barbies, like army Barbie, marine corp Barbie, air force Barbie, and fighter jet Barbie. There descriptions, at least, state the characters have used weapons in their life time, though they may not be included with the dolls.

  • Anna B

    I am woefully behind on my kick-ass Barbies. But to be fair, I haven’t played with them since I was 13 (yes, I let go of them pretty late).

  • Anna B

    Why not?

  • Anonymous

    Well, principally it’s not a good thing to encourage violence…

  • Rusty Patti

    Turn her into a real action hero:

    Step 1 – use a blow dryer to heat up the head and remove it
    Step 2 – put Katniss’ head and clothers on an actual female action figure with better articulation. Any of the Eleanor’s girls would work but this is my favorite: 

    OK, so it’s a “little” more complicated than that but worth it.

  • Anonymous

     I want to find those nail polishes!  Sadly, I live several districts away from the Capital and have, as of yet, been unable to procure them.

  • Anonymous

    There have been hundred of lady action figure dolls from Hasbro and other manufacturers, in particular this one ( although there are no current female figures as present. There is, however, this one:

  • Anonymous

    Not likely, Mattel usually only makes one doll, and it’s a female character more often than not (Capt. Kirk and Spock being notable exceptions.)

  • Joanna

    Me and my sister used to pretend to be gladiators when we were kids.  We turned out ok. 

  • Rusty Patti

    I wish Triad Toys had gotten the license. They have female figures in Caucasian, African American, and Asian models. They’re on the pricey side  but amazing articulation and you usually get multiple sets of hands – relaxed, pistol, and sword. You can also get small, medium, or WTF sized breast plates. 

  • Bel


    Use your imagination to get past the unbending elbows.  It can be done.

  • Sophie

    Well, while I understand that children playing games in which they pretend to murder each other is a centuries old tradition, the way that The Hunger Games critiques the violence in the media just makes the idea of having children’s action figures made from it slightly strange to me.

  • Saronai Aldarion

    Actually, as I understand it, most barbies these days have fully moveable joints at the elbow and knees (some even have moveable feet too).  With the jacket on it would nearly be impossible tell whether she’s one of the fully poseable ball-jointed types or not.

    In my book Barbie has always made a wonderful action figure for a girl who loves super heroes, has a little bit of imagination and some acrylic paint, model paint, and/or duct tape.  I once turned a Western Star Tara Barbie into a shaved-head female version of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.  I turned a Pocahontas Barbie into a silver (duct-tape) suited female gargoyle (my brothers flying Alien ™ Queen’s wings broke so I co-opted them and duct-taped them to her back.

    I enjoyed doing all of that, but it would have been nice for Barbie to specifically market to girls like me when I was little.  In fact, before all the super heroes (and villains) started I wrote Mattell a letter stating as much.

    I got a response that apologized to me and said they were not going to make any such dolls (I requested x-men dolls, barbie as rogue, Ken as gambit, or I even suggested they speak to collectors from both sides of the fence with some classics like wonder woman and supergirl) because violence to solve problems is not an image Barbie stands for and they don’t want to encourage it.

    I’m glad they changed their mind in recent years, but I do occasionally feel miffed when walking by Catwoman or Harley Quinn (both more or total villain rather than hero) and remember the response they wrote me.  Though, don’t get me wrong, I happen to love HQ :D

  • Alex T

    This is pretty awesome! I love how detailed she looks. This is great because not only girls will like it, but boys might actually want to get her too. She certainly looks tough. I would’ve loved to have a doll like her when I was little, instead of the generic blonde in a dress or cheerleading uniform, as those were what I often received.

  • Francesca M

    Ummmmm.. I dunno. I don’t think she looks that make up free.

    But you know.. if you pretend it was something made for the Capital post Hunger Games.. it works. I’m sure there are dolls based on Victors for sale in the C. Its the kind of thing that I could just see them doing and would irritate our girl Katniss.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Viking Barbie who comes with a short sword. She’s Wagnerian rather than historical, but pretty awesome nonetheless. And I wish I had the gorgeous, spear-carrying Athena one, but sadly I needed food instead.

  • Rusty Patti

    My main problem with this is that I don’t see the point of Barbie – any Barbie – and especially a Katniss Barbie. You can change her outfits and then what? Her arms, knees, and elbows bend but that is not true articulation. 

  • Anonymous

    Um when I was little I had a collection of my little ponies and I would wage war with my friends’ collection. Take that as you will.

  • Joanna

    I don’t know how playtime is nowadays, but when I was a kid, we used imagination ;)  For my Barbies, flying was a common mode of transportation XD

  • Shannon Dixon

    haha sorry what
    I couldn’t hear you over the sound of all the even more warlike toys marketed toward young boys
    kids probably won’t even think about this stuff.

  • Shannon Dixon

     oh yes me too :D the barbies I played with went on some reeeeeeeally interesting adventures

  • natasiarose

    I love Katniss and I love her as a kick-ass barbie doll! It’s great they gave her flat boots and looser hunting gear instead of a ball gown.

  • Juliana

    “Makeup-free look”?


  • Anonymous

    Indeed! My barbies fought by smashing their faces into each other. Who needs articulation?

  • G-A

    When I was doll-playing age, I used to use dolls to re-enact the scenes of my own molestation. Kids see worse things in real life every day, and playing it out is part of how they understand it.  Playing with a doll who embodies really important values that encourage subversion and questioning the status quo will teach kids that it’s okay to be subversive and question the status quo, just like playing with TMNT taught kids that it was okay to eat ice cream on pizza.

  • Cassy

    Okay, so I want to get it out of the way and mention that I really, really want this Katniss Barbie. I don’t even know what I would do with it, but I think she looks awesome.

    That being said, I think in the Catching Fire movie they should show little girls in the Capitol playing with dolls like these so everyone who buys one feels bad about themselves. Including me.

  • elaine!

    ROFLOL! “Makeup free look”? What do normal Barbies look like these days, Snooki? 

  • relmneiko

    Girls in the Capitol would be playing with the doll and then you’d get a cut of some awful sweatshop in a lower district where children manufacture them.

    …I wonder if that would hurt the Barbie’s sales…

  • Anonymous

    Could have, would have….did not. It just happened, and it has to be dealt with.

    Nice company, though.

  • Olivia Lea

    love the Katniss doll!

  • Kayla Walker

    are they for sall