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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Fall of Cartoon Network

Have you noticed anything different about the programming on Cartoon Network? How about the fact that there’s a dramatic decrease in actual good, quality cartoons?

Before we get right down to the problem, I would like you to jump into my time machine, back to 1994 when Cartoon Network Studios was born. I’m not going to bore you with too many details, but what made Cartoon Network so great was its original programming — overseen by the president of the network, Jim Samples. The What-A-Cartoon! Show premiered in 1995 and showcased a slew of new cartoon ideas, many of which eventually got their own series including Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and so on.

Some of the executives who were in charge of the programming came from Nickelodeon, including the creator of Ren & Stimpy, John Kricfalusi. With the success of What-A-Cartoon! Show came the memorable Cartoon Cartoons, which was the collective name for all the original cartoon series during the late ‘90s including Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy and I Am Weasel.

Soon, Turner Broadcasting (which owned Cartoon Network) merged with Time Warner. During this time there was a lot of spill-over from the two companies; black and white Warner Bros. cartoons were now being shown on Cartoon Network along with reruns from the Kids’ WB and new shows including Justice League.

As the 2000s rolled in, Cartoon Network went through what I would like to call an “identity crisis.” During the first few years of the new millennium, most of the classic Cartoon Network programs were being viewed on its sister network Boomerang. But, by 2006, most of the cartoons including Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls were coming back into thirty minute segments which were part of the show called The Cartoon Cartoon Show.

All this came to an end, however, when Jim Samples — the man who was part of Cartoon Network’s programming from the get-go — resigned on February 7, 2007, a few days after the Boston bomb scare incident involving Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing campaign for the series’ first film. If you don’t remember what happened, the marketing campaign received negative attention from the police in Boston, Massachusetts; LED placards of one of the series’ characters, Mooninite Ignignokt shown flipping the bird, were sporadically placed throughout major cities, including Boston. One placard that was located at a station was seen by a passenger who in turn notified the police. The bomb squad was called in since the LED placards resembled what they though was an explosive device.

In short, Jim Samples felt responsible for the incident and unfortunately stepped-down from his position. Ever since he left that day, Cartoon Network has never been the same. Stuart Snyder succeeded Samples and, with his new title and power, has been the reason why so much quality programming, like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, has been canceled. Under his reign of terror, reality show-inspired cartoon shows from Canadian animation studios have emerged including Total Drama Island and 6teen. Just this year, Cartoon Network has come to resemble the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon more and more with its own sports award show called the Hall of Game Awards, hosted by Tony Hawk (excuse me, but wasn’t Tony Hawk more relevant a couple of years back?). Not to mention that Cartoon Network, under Synder’s regime, introduced a number of live-action shows including Destroy Build Destroy (inappropriately and awkwardly hosted by Andrew W.K.), Dude, What Would Happen? (kids acting out their hypothetical questions? Cool?), and Tower Prep (a terrible rip-off of the X-Men’s Xavier Institute).

Along with some half-baked animated shows like The Problem Solverz (I don’t even know how to go about explaining this one) and MAD (an ill-conceived attempt at turning a good magazine into an animated mess slandered with weak pop culture jokes), Cartoon Network is in dire need of some original content. But, even when promising shows cross Cartoon Network’s path, they eventually are swept away by cancellation.

Among the newer shows that Cartoon Network produces, there have been some gems including cult favorites: Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and the recently canceled Sym-Bionic Titan.

The number of good shows getting canceled has caused many fans to fight back, with words, of course! Sym-Bionic Titan, which got axed in early April, was created by veteran Cartoon Network animator/director Genndy Tartakovsky — the man behind many Cartoon Network series including Samurai Jack, which, wait, was canceled too! Sym-Bionic Titan was Tartakovsky’s latest creation which followed the renegade lives of Illana (an other-worldly princess), Lance (the soldier with attitude) and Octus (the humanistic robot) who initially together form the fighting Sym-Bionic Titan robot. The series was a great mix of subtle humor and action and, according to Tartakovsky’s influences, was something along the lines of Voltron meets a John Hughes flick.

The second season of Sym-Bionic Titan left fans wanting more. Facebook fan pages, deviantART, petitions and Tumblr blogs soon exploded urging fans to demand more Titan. You see, when a show on Cartoon Network gets canceled, it just sort of disappears into oblivion. There are no reasons given for why it was canceled, it just ceases to exist. Some surmise that Cartoon Network takes in the number of actual television viewers, without taking into consideration the number of viewers watching episodes online via YouTube and Hulu. Another reason is that, according to Tartakovsky himself, Cartoon Network canceled Sym-Bionic Titan over the fact that the series didn’t produce a toy line.

The Facebook fan page “Help Sym-Bionic Titan Get Another Season” has been booming with over 4,000+ active supporters since early April. I was able to get in contact with two very passionate supporters Robert Diaz and Julie Rozen. Robert, who speaks for most Sym-Bionic Titan fans, feels that Cartoon Network only appeals to the younger demographic, but once people of all ages start enjoying a show, it gets canceled (similar to what happened to Samurai Jack). Robert said, “The cancellation of Sym-Bionic Titan is yet another nail in Cartoon Network’s coffin. Apparently the new people in charge have little regard for quality or their viewer base and are desperate to appeal to an audience outside the animated [cartoon] genre. This has failed on other networks, producing pathetic ratings that do little to improve the overall channel itself.”

Julie Rozen has organized the petition entitled “Make More Episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan!” with almost 1,000 signatures to date. She urges fans to not only help support the animated series but also its creator Genndy Tartakovsky who over the years has provided Cartoon Network with consistently smart, creative and innovative programming.

Some may feel that these lengths are a bit extreme and whiny, but, in the past, shows that were once said to be no more, like Family Guy and Futurama, have been resurrected by who else? Its fans. Cartoon Network has to remember the original programming that made it great, and give a new series a chance to resinate with its audience.

The few shows that have somehow managed to survive the cancellation process have become fast favorites. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Regular Show and the immensely popular Adventure Time may have what it takes to become a long-running series. What these shows have, especially The Regular Show and Adventure Time, is a nostalgic quality and mature sense of humor that is reminiscent of the great Ren & Stimpy. Just don’t tell Stuart Synder I told you this. He might cancel them for being too creative.

Theresa Romano blogs, or Tumbls, here.

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  • Jay

    According to CN, Sym-Bionic Titan was canceled not due to ratings, but because there was no merchandise (ie toy) tie-in, which has got to be one of the DUMBEST reasons I’ve ever heard to cancel a show.

  • Rachel Blackman

    There are probably dumber reasons, but not ones that would generally be admitted to openly.  As for this one?  I’m sure it made sense to an accountant.

  • Fransisca Alice Estes

    I loved shows like Samuri Jack. I miss that kind of epic storytelling in American art. I say we band together and start a new company with Genndy Tartakovsky leading it :p

  • Fransisca Alice Estes

    I loved shows like Samuri Jack. I miss that kind of epic storytelling in American art. I say we band together and start a new company with Genndy Tartakovsky leading it :p

  • Troizen

    Yeah symbionic-Titan was cancelled because it was terrible.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with Cartoon Network is when they look over at Nickelodeon and Disney and see the high ratings of iCarly and Hannah Montana and want apart of it and they willing to dramatically change its programming to achieve it. And since Disney and Nickelodeon viewers are mainly girls, Cartoon networks decided to target boys and that’s when they started showing crappy live action shows.

    Cartoon Network need to stick with its original intent which is to show cartoons. Focusing on cartoons does not limit viewers to just children but it will expand it if they show different types of cartoons. I’m old enough to remember when Cartoon Network showed only anime in the Toonami block. Also Cartoon Network has access to a huge cartoon library, why not show some of those cartoons? Who says kids won’t like old school cartoons? I think Cartoon Network is going to destroy itself if they focus only boys 9-11 demographics.

    My biggest fear is that Cartoon Network will change their name to CN and change their program to be more like Disney or Nickelodeon. Just like when The Learning Channel changed their name to TLC and stopped showing educational programs and showed only crappy reality shows.

  • Oddbodkins

    Not sure i completely follow you here.  You close by naming some incredible shows they’re now running (though you left out The Amazing Adventures of Gumball, already a classic). i’d argue their Monday block is as strong as it’s been in years.  Granted, things aren’t as sweet as the halcyon salad days, but things never are, are they?  i LOVE Genndy Tartakovsky and Samurai Jack remains one of my fave cartoons of all times, but, to be fair, Titan was NO Samurai Jack.  i’d argue the channel finally is coming out of the darkness now that it IS embracing new cartoons again (though, yes, that live action crap they’ve been peddling lately has to go).

  • Eva.

    Really good article, which covers many things about CN that I’ve been wondering about. In my opinion, its only saving grace right now is The Venture Bros on Adult Swim. Shows like Samurai Jack and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, among many other brilliant shows, seem to be a thing of the past. 

  • Eva.

    Really good article, which covers many things about CN that I’ve been wondering about. In my opinion, its only saving grace right now is The Venture Bros on Adult Swim. Shows like Samurai Jack and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, among many other brilliant shows, seem to be a thing of the past. 

  • Timothy McKenzie

    Everyone has pretty much written off Cartoon Network especially after Sym-Bionic Titan’s cancellation. Cartoon Network is getting stupid, lame and utterly out-of-touch with you guys (especially those growing up in the 1990′s). This isn’t just bad news for you guys, it’s bad business, too. Cartoon Network is leaving you guys off of kids’ TV by ignoring its glorious past (and such shows like Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack and Foster’s Home).. And this is why I have to help save Cartoon Networtk and its glorious past from possible extinction. This is why I’ll show CN what it is missing since 2004. And this is why I have to resurrect Cartoon Network from the ashes of its recent past by making a big screen, big budget live action/animated 12-part epic fantasy action adventure movie combination of two CN shows from the 90′s (Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls) which is going to be great and awesome like Ego Trip. That project should be called “Dexter’s Odyssey”. But, in case CN refuses, I’ll have to fight (but not with violence) to even get my dreams realized and revive CN to its original glory.

  • Vorianxavier

     I’m an accountant, and it doesn’t make sense to me.

  • TrinityBlackDragon

    I would have to disagree on MAD, I actually liked it. BUT, I would agree on most other points. Especially with the live action shows and Total Drama.

    I loved Samurai Jack and Titan. I know this wasn’t mentioned, but I love Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien (not the original though).

    The only thing I think that has kept Alien Force going is the fact is has merchandise for the kiddies. 

    Honestly, it’s got more complex plotlines and some stuff I really appreciate.I’m said they cancel shows that appeal to a wider audience.

    It’s like 4kids almost, except they cancel shows instead of butchering them for comsumption by tiny tots who could probably actually handle some of the stuff they edit out. 

  • carmy

    What about Teen Titans, Batman Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, Codename: Kids Next Door, Megas XLR and Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated? Those are all great shows that aired on Cartoon Network during the 2000s. 

    Also, as far as this article is concerned, I think this argument has been done to death. Older people often complain about how something they once loved as a kid is now “bad” because it has changed. You will even find people who say this about the programming on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I think it really just comes down to a sense of nostalgia, and I’m sure that 20 years from now the kids who are watching Cartoon Network today will also be complaining about how the channel has fallen from it’s “glory days”. 

  • Randall Kirby

    Like Sym-bionic Titan, Like Tower Prep

  • Jessica Marquardt

    First I LOVE The Mary Sue, so please don’t take this to mean I don’t but….

    I have always found Cartoon Network shows iffy. So honestly I would disagree with your post glorifying “CN”. Some of the shows you listed as classics and newer cult favorites were just plain stupid. I could go without ever seeing another episode of Chowder or Flapjack in my life. And as others mentioned, you left out a lot of real good cartoons that they kept around like Kids Next Door and the Scooby Doo remake.

    As for them gearing their shows and marketing towards kids, its because it is a cartoon channel. Face it, the adults with no kids who sit around watching cartoons all day are not going to be heading out in masses to buy merchandise (ie notebooks, backpacks, toys, lunchboxes, clothes, etc) and DVD’s. Parent’s with kids who like a show, may do just that. And they are the ones who in the long run are supporting the people who not only produce the shows on CN but all of the artists, animators, voice actors, etc. It would make sense, in a financial way alone, to gear your programming towards the audience that is going to be profitable. It’s nice to imagine a world where cartoons are made because of want to share your creativity alone and everyone volunteers and no one has to worry about bills but that isn’t the way the world works, especially not in the entertainment business.

    BTW, mad props for mentioning Foster’s. That is, to date, my favorite cartoon to come out of CN. Although the new Gumball show is making its way into my heart too.

  • Dolph122000

    I think in terms of how much money it could have made, rather than how much it actually made, it made some sort of twisted sense. But still, stupid reason. 

  • Eva.

    This is a good point; I am 49 (probably a bit older than the other girl geeks here!), and grew up watching the classic Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera stuff, and I sometimes have to stop myself from comparing stuff that’s produced now to them. Computer animation has paved the way for great cartoons like The Penguins of Madagascar, which holds up against the classic Warner Bros. stuff in both quality and beauty. I feel the same way about the early Spongebob cartoons. Samurai Jack is another example of a great cartoon that simply wouldn’t have happened during the supposed “golden age” of cartooning. I believe very strongly that we are in the real golden age of cartooning and don’t know it. Hopefully, cartoons like Foster’s Home and Samurai Jack will continue to be produced, even if not on Cartoon Network.

  • Eva.

    I’m NOT an expert, but it seems to me that the most successful, timeless, cartoons tend to be those that speak not just to children, but also the adults who buy the tie-in merchandise. I was AMAZED when, as a kid, I learned that the Warner Bros. cartoons were actually made more for adults than kids, for accompanying movies. I think the early Spongebob cartoons were so successful for the same reason. Kids loved it, and their parents loved the adult references that the kids just didn’t get. (They’re awful now, but that’s another story.)

    But there’s a new genre of cartoons developing in this new golden age of cartooning (see my reply comments a few posts above): the cartoons developed specifically for adults. CN did this brilliantly, with, for example, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which, as an adult who was brought up on Hanna Barbera cartoons, I loved but kids wouldn’t get any of it. Now I am dazzled by The Venture Bros., which of course no sane parent would let their kid watch. Brilliant stuff. More please!!!

  • Eva.

    I’m NOT an expert, but it seems to me that the most successful, timeless, cartoons tend to be those that speak not just to children, but also the adults who buy the tie-in merchandise. I was AMAZED when, as a kid, I learned that the Warner Bros. cartoons were actually made more for adults than kids, for accompanying movies. I think the early Spongebob cartoons were so successful for the same reason. Kids loved it, and their parents loved the adult references that the kids just didn’t get. (They’re awful now, but that’s another story.)

    But there’s a new genre of cartoons developing in this new golden age of cartooning (see my reply comments a few posts above): the cartoons developed specifically for adults. CN did this brilliantly, with, for example, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which, as an adult who was brought up on Hanna Barbera cartoons, I loved but kids wouldn’t get any of it. Now I am dazzled by The Venture Bros., which of course no sane parent would let their kid watch. Brilliant stuff. More please!!!

  • Edcedc8

    I would have bought the FUCK outta a sym-bionic titan, mutradi and a booty-quakin’ cheerleader figure.

  • Lauren Tillman

    Jessica, I have been trying to say the same thing for years about CN.  After they cancelled Toonami and Codename: KND the rabid fanbase (including myself) went to town on youtube blasting CN for not keeping the block.  But as a person who works in media, I understand the thought process the higher ups had:  1. They will never beat Nickelodeon.  And contrary to an earlier comment, Nick is a very duel network (meaning they have a pretty even composition of boys and girls through their various programming).  2. Disney grabs girls, mostly Tween girls (9-14) so there is an opening to get Boys.  3. Their shows get decent ratings, but not in the Boys 6-11 area, moreso in the Teen and adults (12-24).  They are not hitting their target so they needed to change the programming strategy.
    Now, CN has very real competition with Disney XD and Nicktoons which also caters directly to boys.  Once CN lost Naruto; Shippuden to DXD, it was almost a done deal that they would lose their audience.
    Don’t get me wrong, I was a MAJOR Cartoon Network fan, in fact, my life’s goal was to work for Cartoon Network after I graduated from college, but in the past 2 years or so, I’ve moved on.  Once they started playing live action shows (which only do moderately well), I was over it.  I would love for Turner to make a new station that revolves around the Boys 12-17 (or 24) and put all those shows that were cancelled on that network.  For a minute, I thought they would retool Boomerang for that purpose as I found myself catching more and more of my favorites on there, including Justice League, SWAT Kats, and the Powerpuff Girls.
    Unfortunately, there is not enough money to be made off us young, single geeks.  We are a selective group and our numbers are not strong enough to be a substantive buying power of kids and moms who watch TV with their kids.  In the end, advertisers want to reach the group of people willing to buy the most – most expensive, most often, most impulsive, etc – we are not the target.

  • Lauren Tillman

    Nickelodeon is actually bringing a 90′s Nick block to TeenNick this year because of all the popular comments, Facebook groups, and general fan adoration for everything All That, Kenan & Kel, Salute Your Shorts, etc.
    And a bunch of 90′s Nick kids now work at Nickelodeon and pushed for the programming… :)

  • ZaCloud

    It’s called CARTOON Network. They need to step back and realize that. They need to look at what happened to MTV (MUSIC TeleVision) when they stopped playing MUSIC!

  • mu

    I think the analysis is accurate, but a little late to the game.
    Cartoon Network is definitely on  rebound with Adventure Time. It might be signs of a change in attitude, or it might just be a small island of exception, but, really, there’s only so much ill will I can harbor towards a network that gives us Lumpy Space Princess

    I like Regular Show a bunch, and Adult Swim too, but Adventure Time is just extra great. Lots of nerdiness, and girliness, and nerdy-girliness

  • Anonymous

     Totally math! I remember when Adventure Time was just a hilarious pilot vid on youtube a couple of years ago. Got so, so excited when it got its own show :)

  • amylouuu

    Totally agree with everything this article says.  I miss Cartoon Network.  It’s never been the same after the ATHF incident.  :’(

  • Melly Mel

    This essay is hard to take seriously since there is NO MENTION of Toonami. Cartoon Network’s general decline in quality, to me, began after they axed most of their anime dubs – the one thing that set it apart from Nick and The Disney Channel (apart from incredible vintage cartoons like The Flintstones and A Pup Named Scooby-Doo!). The Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors/Dragonball/Gundam Wing line-up was massively popular in its prime (Who didn’t rush home from school to catch those ‘new’ episodes of DBZ?). And I do believe it spawned a lot of their action themed American cartoons, like Codename: Kids Next Door and Teen Titans. Also! I’m too lazy to look this up, but I believe the late night Toonami Uncut block predates even Adult Swim and featured anime like Gundam Wing with blood and cursewords left in.

    This is a very, very short-sighted essay on the rise and fall of Cartoon Network’s programming. Just because ONE show some people liked was canceled recently, doesn’t mean it’s going completely down the tubes. There have been some duds, but they occasionally hit it out of the park with things like Foster’s (made by The PPG people, so of course – it was gonna be awesome) and Ben 10 Alien Force (which I’ve always viewed the whole series as an appropriate Americanized throwback to the network’s action cartoon days). If anything, they’re on the rebound like another commenter said with stuff like Regular Show and The Clone Wars. It’s not quite to an MTV level of self-contradiction and stupidity yet, but if they don’t cut out this live-action, pandering to 8-year-old boys shit it’s gonna get there. Girls love cartoons, too. And Disney Channel isn’t exactly churning those out like they used to.

  • Chris Bray

    i agree! i used 2 watch Megas, teen titans, and KND! those were great!

  • Chris Bray

    i may b 17 but i agree with all of u! every show every1 mention i’ve watched! all u make near perfect sense(cause no1 is perfect and nothing we do is perfect. even if we created a robot the robot wouldn’t make anything perfect cause we made the robot!)! i STILL watch ALL of them on youtube! i personally think as soon as they changed toonami i KNEW this would happen 1 change ALWAYS lead 2 another! they should make more american made anime such as samari jack and the most recent but cancelled awesomeness Symbiotic titan! great action, great subtle but actually funny humor not like other new shows, all of that = great show but the assholes at soon 2 be CN will make new shows that will defs suck(our best chance is only 1 out of 100 will suck)!

    i do watch other channels but mainly because of cartoon network. 1 thing i have got out of this is it has 4ced me 2 grow up. i like it but i dont. i like it because ive seen alot of funny things like dane cook and other funny comedains and cool nat goe! like the weird weapons show it helped me on a test i had a couple of weeks b4 school ended! what i don’t like is that im only 17 i want 2 live through my childhood and not regret it and cartoon network is ruining my plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Acosta

    I understand Jim Samples left Cartoon Network becaues he thinks that the incident was his fault. I’m pretty sure he’ll come back really soon and soon realize how everything CN changed since 2004 (or was it 2005 or 2006) and he’ll manage to make CN the way it was like bring back those Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (especially Cartoon Friday night intro when the intro starts off will Mr. Jetson and flies to Earth and eventually all the cartoon characters known to man) Especially those so-called bumpers, and change everthing the way CN was back then. If you guys have a chance to do this petition thing to return the old Cartoon Network back really soon,… now it would be a good time.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Troizen was flagged for being a dumbass.

  • Marga Gonzalez

    I really hate it when shows like the Amazing World of Gumball get cancelled. I really hope it doesn’t.
    They don’t show the newer episodes of Chowder anymore in my region, or of Flapjack(two of the most quirky cartoons that I’ve seen recently). Those are the cartoons that keep me from abandoning television forever.
    Also people need to know when shows get stale. Some are really fun but degrade over time till their storylines are tired.
    Adventure Time and the Amazing World of Gumball are the only two cartoons that I absolutely love seeing and can’t stop watching. They’re part of my top five favorites. Recently I’ve been reading and writing a lot more but those shows just sit me down right away once they are on air.

  • Maria

    Tower Prep was far better then most shows I have seen lately. I mean what do you wan to watch? Power Puff Girls? Seriously? Do you really need bad art and squeeky voices? Even Gendy T realized that the whole cartoon thing was a loss. It had so little in common with X men I am wondering how you even came up with that. If every show where humans evolve to have bnew abilities is the X men, then every show with policemen is Dragnet. You have made no point at all except that you are very whinny. 

  • Maria

    What the heck are Sym-Bionic Titans? I am pretty sure no one has ever even heard of it.

  • sarath kumar

    Hello everybody!! i was searching for one old cartoon network show. its name will start as titan or captain i dnt knw exactly. the guy will be with sword and he was the hero of the series its song also very nice. except this i dont know anyther details but scenes of that show was always coming to my eyes. if anybody knows that please tell me.

  • Evan Sweatt

    Why is it that cheap Canadian animation can make it such as Johnny Test (Going on their 6th season, btw) but quality series get canceled?  To cut some corners and save a couple bucks?  I can say this much, recently I have stopped watching Cartoon Network, just turned off the TV and played video games instead.  Is it because I’m a bitter crazy fan who is butthurt? No, it’s because there’s only a certain amount of Adventure Time and Regular Show I can watch, and now the only things that are on that’s worth watching is those two shows.  CN may be making some of the money they were hoping to make from this tactic, but they would make a whole lot more if they just listened to the real fans who actually care.  You can put anyone from their current target audience in front of a TV and have them satisfied as long as there is plenty of flashing colors and some really happy characters, but what about the other half of the viewers, us?

  • Dalton Ellison

    really cartoon network started out as a cross between a japanese animation channel and original american cartoons not all this retarded crap like regular show and wat not which was forced on cartoon network bu disney, nick, and soca

  • JW Roberts

    cartoon Networks Create shows that aren’t as  flexiable and durable as Nick and disney. 
    they hardly set out as much endorsement like nick spongebob or Disney phineas and ferb” and their just not long lasting anymore. 

  • Anonymous

    cartoon network in india is the worst of all. all they show is those lame and boring mythical gods. toonami was the best of all. dbz, pokemon, digimon, beyblade, samurai jack, dexter, and so many others were good. digimon and beyblade sequels were terrible though, the only thing i can watch in cn now is ben ten. 

  • Anonymous

    oggy and the cockroaches are terrible,

  • Matt

    Cartoon Network has become horrific. If you can’t make new episodes on some old shows I can completely understand but come on. At least TRY see what the viewers want. CN is not even trying to Get Naruto back because ever since it was canceled in Disney xd it’s been on hiatus. And code lyoko is coming back for NEW episodes but guess what CN is going to buy the rights to it.

  • Matt

    I might CN isn’t going to buy the rights

  • Black Belt Jones!!!

    Writer: Before we get into the problem, let me jump into my time machine…

    Me: *skips three to four paragraphs of mindless drivel to get to the point of the article*

    Lol, writers stay on some other ish trying to be creative. Just hire me instead. :)

  • Chloe Ires

    >TS and AT have mature sense of humor
    If by that you mean gross randumb crap, then you are right.

  • Blake Good

    Why does history tend to repeat itself?

    Invader Zim cancelled in 2002.
    Sym-bionic Titan cancelled in 2011.

  • Blake Good

    If you hate PPG, then YOU SUCK!!

    Also FYI, Tower Prep was better when it was called X-Men: The Last Stand.

  • Blake Good

    and G4!

  • .:Raphællius:.

    Gumball is also cool

  • Cala terry

    I don’t even let my 8 year old watch the regular show or adventure time . Adult swim should have its own channel too, kids are up late watching tv on the weekends and will see adult cartoons if their parent doesn’t block it .