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  1. Start The Music, Light The Lights: Disney’s New Muppets Show Debuts Today!

    My inner Statler and Waldorf are pleased.

    Thank God it's Flailday Friday, and not just because the weekend is nigh! Today marks the debut of the new Disney Drive-On With the Muppets original series, which will release two new episodes every Friday from now until "a limited time." You can check out the show's musical trailer above, as well as a clip from the first episode below.

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  2. More Elsa and Kristoff in New Pictures of Frozen In Once Upon A Time

    Aw, cuties! I'm gonna keep you.

    In case you were worried about the fate of poor Sven the reindeer in Once Upon a Time's Frozen storyline, worry no longer: he's definitely in there.

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  3. [Update] First Trailer for Into the Woods Has Lots of Actors, No Actual Singing

    "Look at all these cool people we got!" Yeah, OK.

    Yesterday we showed you some stills from the Disney fairy tale musical Into the Woods, and now we have the first trailer! Alas, we get the visages of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and more, but we don't get to hear them actually, y'know, sing any songs.

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  4. PBS Idea Channel Asks: Why Are People So Obsessed With Frozen?

    They even make a "Let it Go" joke, so we don't have to!

    Don't get me wrong, I liked Frozen.  But... you know, casually. Not with the all-encompassing devotion and enthusiasm that I see many people still enjoying long after the film's release. PBS Idea Channel has decided to finally dip their toes into the discussion to talk the one thing I don't think I've seen people talked about yet —why the film has inspired so many thinkpieces to begin with.

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  5. New Stills from Disney’s Into the Woods

    New Into the Woods stills released show that this movie is looking pretty awesome so far. I think Disney's actually doing pretty well adapting such a dark and scary musical to a movie.

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  6. Marvel Announces Princess Leia-Led Star Wars Comics Mini-Series At Comic-Con

    Isn't this series a little short for an ongoing?

    Today, in all your childhood media conglomerated into one source, Disney's relationship with Marvel is finally producing Star Wars comics, and Princess Leia is getting her own title!

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  7. These Game of Thrones Rabbit Figurines Make Us Hopping Mad

    They'll kill you with their nasty, pointy teeth.

    Hopping mad that we don't own them, that is.

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  8. Here’s Our First Look at Frozen‘s Elsa In Once Upon a Time

    "Nice Wig, Elsa. What it's made of?" "YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR."

    Yup. That's Elsa alright. Elsa as played by Georgina Haig in the season four premiere "A Tale of Two Sisters," to be precise. Her dress looks a little Party City to me; maybe Once should hire a cosplayer or two for their costume department.

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  9. New Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Reveals Plot Details, Passes The Bechdel Test

    Many fans are not as forgiving as I am.

    In preparation for the show's premiere and panel at SDCC on the 24th, Disney has released an extended trailer for Star Wars Rebels that gives more insight into what to expect from the animated series.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Pokémon Shaming Catches ‘Em All…In The Act

    Prepare for trouble. It's me. I'm here. I did it. I'm the one.

    Much like the pet-shaming craze that swept the Internet a while back, masters are now publicly admonishing their Pokemon for bad deeds. But wouldn't you be rowdy if you spent most of your time cooped up in a ball?

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