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  1. Here’s Our First Look at Frozen‘s Elsa In Once Upon a Time

    "Nice Wig, Elsa. What it's made of?" "YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR."

    Yup. That's Elsa alright. Elsa as played by Georgina Haig in the season four premiere "A Tale of Two Sisters," to be precise. Her dress looks a little Party City to me; maybe Once should hire a cosplayer or two for their costume department.

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  2. New Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Reveals Plot Details, Passes The Bechdel Test

    Many fans are not as forgiving as I am.

    In preparation for the show's premiere and panel at SDCC on the 24th, Disney has released an extended trailer for Star Wars Rebels that gives more insight into what to expect from the animated series.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Pokémon Shaming Catches ‘Em All…In The Act

    Prepare for trouble. It's me. I'm here. I did it. I'm the one.

    Much like the pet-shaming craze that swept the Internet a while back, masters are now publicly admonishing their Pokemon for bad deeds. But wouldn't you be rowdy if you spent most of your time cooped up in a ball?

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  4. Whistle While You Collect the Bounty on Han Solo’s Head With This Snow-ba Fett Cosplayer

    "He's no good to me dopey."

    See, we keep saying that we're tired of Disney Princess mashups, and then we see new ones and we get excited all over again. Case in point: this fantastically interpreted Mandalorian armor by cosplayer Amber Arden at Anime Expo.

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  5. Disney Told Us About Their Big Hero 6 Action Figures, Yes, There’s a Big Plush Baymax

    Answering the important questions.

    This week we got an exciting box full of Big Hero 6 swag, courtesy the folks at Disney who are putting together their first Marvel-based movie explicitly for kids. Of course we took a bunch of pictures. But the box also came complete with a flash drive full of preview pictures of the movie's upcoming toy line, so we're going to share those with you too. And to answer the question you are already asking: Yes, there is a huggable Baymax.

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  6. The Creators of Once Upon a Time Tell Us What to Expect From Their Frozen Story

    Do you wanna build a curse? We do that all the tiiiiiiime.

    Once Disney's animated feature Frozen skyrocketed in popularity, it was inevitable the characters would show up on ABC's Once Upon a Time. But they really didn't waste any time, revealing the back of "Elsa" in the Season 3 finale. Now just a few problems—they had to find someone to play her for a real and write her into the story.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Glassware Straight From The Hundred Acre Wood

    Oh, bother!

    This Winnie the Pooh glassware can hold more than honey--and just look at the bottoms!

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  8. Guillermo del Toro Describes the Hellboy 3 You’ll Never See & Updates Us on His Disney Haunted Mansion Project

    This man needs a clone.

    Like most creators, Guillermo del Toro likes to talk about the projects he's working on. But unlike most creators, del Toro works on no less than 2500 projects at once.

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  9. The New Big Hero 6 Trailer Is Impossibly Cute, And So Are These Character Posters

    "We jumped out a window!"

    Just on the heels of the official cast announcement, a new trailer for Big Hero 6 has arrived. Oh. Oh my god. I am here for Baymax, y'all. We've also got a closer look at some of the character designs for the rest of the team, and they actually look pretty rad. Of course, they're not all Baymax, so they can't be that great. (Seriously, I'm obsessed.)

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  10. Disney Finally Announces Big Hero 6 Lineup, Includes Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr. and More


    Since the teaser trailer was released a few months back, Disney has been surprisingly quiet about the upcoming Big Hero 6, save for some leaked character posters that came out a few weeks ago. But the movie is definitely happening, and now we know who's going to be in it! Fellow 30 Rock fans, I think you will be very pleased to see a familiar name.

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