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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


where does he get those wonderful toys

Maleficent And Her Cheekbones Get Their Own Funko Figurine

Angelina Jolie‘s prosthetic cheekbones don’t really translate all that well to Funko’s round-faced aesthetic, but I’ll give them a pass because this is a really cool figure. See Evil Cheekbones in action in a new Maleficent featurette behind the jump, where you’re also find a Princess Aurora Funko.


Fans Do Cool Things

Winter Is Here: The Game of Thrones Version Of Frozen’s “Let It Go” [VIDEO]

Disney’s Frozen is slowly working its way through the rest of pop-culture, much like a winter’s frost. In this latest parody, Ice and Fire (aka Jon and Daenerys) join in to sing out loud about their Westeros woes. But wait! There’s more! Click ahead to watch another Game of Thrones fan-created music video featuring hits from Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and more.


Get In Loser We're Going Shopping

How Much Of Hot Topic’s New Maleficent Clothing Line Would You Wear?

I’m not exactly looking forward to Disney’s Maleficent, but damn, I would wear the hell out of several of the items in Hot Topic’s new Maleficent Fashion Collection, available for pre-order starting today. Other pieces look like they belong in a ’90s goth teen movie à la The Craft, which is its own kind of charm.


i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

This Disney Firefly Fanart Is Joss Whedon-Approved

Hit the jump for a larger version of Stephen Byrne‘s Disney Firefly illustration, plus another one of Disney Buffy. I would watch the shiny hell out of both of them. Imagine Zoe and Wash’s duet!


This is just like magic!

Disney Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses Might Lead To All Sorts of Arguments

Because that’s what always happens when the issue of sorting fictional characters into Hogwarts houses comes up, right? I, for one, am just pleased that Eira1893 sorted Tiana into Hufflepuff, where she belongs. Sorting characters who should clearly be in Hufflepuff into other houses is a pet peeve of mine. ‘Puff pride!


what is this I don't even

Kids-of-Disney-Characters TV Movie Casts a Twilight Actor, Reminds Us That It’s Happening

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about the Disney Channel’s Descendants until I read that Booboo Stewart has joined the cast. Which is kind of weird, because “high school AU starring the children of famous Disney characters” is a bonkers enough idea that you’d think it would stick in your head.


Get In Loser We're Going Shopping

Disney Partners With Home Shopping Network To Capture Female, Maleficent-Loving Movie-Goers’ Money

Don’t want to fall for it but don’t think I can help myself. 


Things to Do With Your Kids

Do You Want to Look at Amazingly Accurate Painted Dolls of Anna and Elsa From Frozen?

OK, so it’s not anywhere close to the same meter as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” but cut me some slack, OK? DeviantARTist lulemee has also done realistic repaints of other Disney princess dolls—and one Disney villain, The Little Mermaid‘s Vanessa—which you can see behind the jump.


Don't Try This At Home

If Real People Behaved Like Disney Characters [Video]

Though there is much about this video that gives me the creepies, I confess that I now have a desire to carry a pocketful of confetti wherever I go.


Pretty Pretty Princess

Kristen Bell Sings Live As Frozen’s Toddler, Child, & Grown-Up Anna [VIDEO]

I didn’t even love the movie but this performance made me tear up. Kristen Bell, you are a national treasure.

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