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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Final Frontier

Old Star Trek and New In One Eerie Set of Photos

Redditor ThatNordicGuy has done some fascinating, if you’ll pardon the phrase, face morphs using photos of actors from Star Trek: The Original Series and the modern movie adaptations. Shadow-bangs not withstanding, Uhura’s got some very arresting eyes. We’ve pulled out the bridge crew here, but BuzzFeed has the rest.

(via BuzzFeed.)

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  • Benjamin Meis

    Is it just me or does the Chekov one look like Joe Pesci?

  • Claire

    Ehhhh, yeah. I can see it. It wouldn’t be my first jump, though.

  • Nayeli

    The Pine/Shatner hybrid is soooo weird. And handsome. But very weird. Also, Nichelle Nicolls + Zoe Saldaña = Total babe.

  • Crystal Lynn

    Captain Kirk morph is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen.

  • Jay CSC

    These are amazing! If/when a new Trek game comes out, they should use these as character models!

  • Anonymous

    …..every single one of these morphs is INSANELY attractive

  • Anonymous

    Boo, they kept Pine’s blue eyes!

    *goes away in a huff*

  • Samuel

    I’d have to say Urban/Kelley make one handsome looking dude.

  • Harrison Grey

    How are all of these more attractive than either of the actors in them? Except for, oddly enough, Khan, on the Buzzfeed post. That one turned out kind of weird.

  • Anonymous

    Cho/Takei is staring into my soul. This is very strange.

  • Jenni

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  • Mike Chen

    Uber-McCoy looks like Gary Sinise circa late 1990s.

  • Anonymous

    It’s… pretty much the distilled essence of Kirk, isn’t it. I mean, you look at him and you go, “Yep. I can see why this man slept his way across the galaxy.”