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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

om nom nom

Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies With Candy Gems

Before I saw this, I thought that I had made some pretty good cookies in my life. But since I’ve never made cookies with see through bits I must now recind that opinion. I have a new hill to climb, ladies and gentlemen. And it involves Jolly Ranchers.

You can check out pictures of the process behind these cookies at An Inadequate Tumble.

Previously in Cookies

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  • Anonymous

    Great now I’m gonna be hungry AND nostalgic all afternoon.
    *Shakes fist at themarysue*

  • Janna

    “Previously in Cookies” is the best phrase I’ve ever read.

  • Anonymous

    Moon prism power… bake up!

  • Anonymous

    Moon prism power… bake up!

  • athenia45


  • Anonymous

    For a moment, I thought there was a cookie-cutter I must buy :D. Stil, excellent use of stencils/stain glass cookies.