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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The Future Is Now!

And Now, The Reboot You Really Care About: ReBoot

Brace yourself, because it’s very likely I am about to make you feel old. Next year is ReBoot‘s 20th anniversary.

For all the youngsters who are now Googling “reboot,” realizing that’s useless, and then instead Googling “reboot cartoon,” and then laughing at the image search results, your elders would like to explain to you a thing. Once upon a time, back in 1994 when the internet as we know it was still kind of a mystical thing that only scientists and weirdos used, and the ideas of “realistic” and “video game graphics” were only just starting to go together (I mean, the first Tomb Raider was still two years away), Saturday morning television had it’s very first half hour long entirely computer animated series about anthropomorphized computer components.

The main characters waged a never ending war against anthropomorphized viruses like Hexadecimal and Megabyte, and also against the User, whose proclivity for video games endangered whole sections of their world, Mainframe. Laugh all you like, but later seasons involved child characters grown into hardened virtual warriors revisiting earlier settings of the story ravaged by their enemies years earlier and despite its obscurity I can’t claim to know anyone who watched it who wasn’t hooked on it. Mouse was even a runner up on our Fictional Female Hackers list.

Folks who are still skeptical may get a chance to get hooked themselves, since Rainmaker Entertainment, who acquired the show six years after it went off the air, have announced that it has its first two series in development and one of them is, yes, a ReBoot reboot, just in time for the 20th anniversary. There aren’t a lot of details on it yet, but you can check Geekosystem for more.

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  • Fisty

    Very odd that I was just talking to a friend about this show less than a week ago. He didn’t remember it or watch it.

  • Anonymous

    20 years. *coughcough* Goll darn it, that must be some sort of confabulated lie…er…um…GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN KIDS!

  • Sneaky Foxeh

    Aww, I loved this show as a kid! Hard to believe that it’s been 20 years. I feel old… >.<

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about this show the other day. I remember an episode where Gillian Anderson did a voice for a one-off character named Data Nully (the jokes!) Being a giant X-Files fan, I of course had to watch that episode and record it onto a VHS, yes I said VHS, tape.

  • Anonymous

    I was just going over ideas for a Hexadecimal costume idea, but we nixed it thinking no one would really get it, and I’d probably spend the entire evening switching to the ‘sad face’ mask while I tried to explain how awesome she was.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    still have a Hexadecimal action figure *happy dance* only have two of the faces left though *less happy dance* Yes, I am a toy hoarder *laugh*

  • Anonymous

    Scalar and Data Nully!

  • Anonymous

    Wow reboots of Sailor Moon and Reboot and Toonami is back. It’s like my whole childhood is coming back.

  • Emily

    Aaaah! I am so excited for this!
    I totally grew up with this show and I didn’t even realize it was a year older then me, because I definitely saw every single episode, multiple times.
    The third season literally introduced my child mind to the wonder and horror of the ‘journey’ and growing up.
    Loved this show.

  • Guymelef

    I had all the action figures! And Bob’s car! They were so awesome

  • Anonymous

    Dan DiDio was a screenwriter for that show.

  • Important Film Maker

    I hope it’s not a “clean slate” type of reboot and it actually continues the story from where it left off, so that we find the characters in a modern- day internet full of new threats and adventures. Wait til they discover tumblr!

  • Important Film Maker

    I somehow had TWO megabytes. The were awesome because he would split in half, and had a claw- hand and movable mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Where did Scalar come from? I REMEMBER SCALAR! I swear I don’t have alzheimerfnojsnziebit’s.

  • Anonymous

    The final episode also had a Sailor Moon cameo. As Mainframe is literally falling to pieces, there’s a civilian dressed as Sailor Moon who begins going through the complex hand motions of summoning some glowing power, then gets crushed by falling debris.

  • Anonymous

    As a kid, the show kind of turned me off a bit, because I didn’t like the animation style, but as I kept watching I really came to like it. I never got to watch it from first episode to last, but I caught enough episodes to understand what the main arcs were. It was so cool to me, because it seemed like one of the only Western cartoon shows that actually cared to develop a strong story arc ranging from the first season, with an actual finale that tied up the storyline, rather than a “stop production here” episode. That was really cool to experience.

  • Anonymous

    Not computer components–the principle characters were all incarnations of software and programming, not the physical components of the computer.

  • Diaspora


  • SCP3

    I was little old by the time this show was on, but I remember hearing about that the were going to do an episode with the characters from the “Money for Nothing” video in it, so I watched. Their cameo was cute, but the funny bit was the auditioning comedian who told jokes in binary (he just said “Zero, One, One, Zero” etc.), and when one of the characters laughed said he was funny, another one said, “Yeah, but we can’t use him; there are going to be kids in the audience.”

  • Anonymous

    my step-dad got Land Rover Range Rover just by working online with a macbook… my review here


  • dancingcrane

    I have to re watch this. Great show, glad to see it return!

  • Amourah


  • Lisa Liscoumb

    This will either be very good or will totally ruin my childhood memories of an awesome show. I’m really hoping it’s the former.

  • B.G. Paulus

    Oh, Jiminy Crickets. I loved this show as an *adult* … “old” doesn’t even come close to describing how *I* feel … but a revival of the show in any form would be nice. :)

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I dearly hope this is a reboot and not a continuation. Ive read the webcomic the writers tried to pull off in an effort to reboot the series and it was a great disappointment. (removal of games and users, timeskips five years with megabyte and other viruses creating a post apocolyptic landscape across the world, a bigger bad plot being introduced….)

    My feelings on the subject are iffy. I loved the prelude movie. and I enjoyed the first season immensely. The second season was a little darker but I still found it to be highly entertaining sans the ending. The third season was grimdark and felt like the writers got to caught up in the comics tone of the era. Season four picks this up and toys with the idea of juggling between light hearted and grimdark but ultimatly give in to their initial desires and go full downer with their continuation webcomic sinking further and further to the point of apathy.

    I really would need to see a reboot at this point because an adaption of their webcomic…Im not sure it would work.

  • Anonymous

    *foams at the mouth* They promised us a movie a while back. This is better. ♥

  • Mark Brown

    Y’know, given how time works in the computer, they could make a “real time” (20 years later) series and it’d be the equivalent of MILLENNIA after the age of Megabyte. The Great System Crash would be a long-lost myth, half-vanished into ancient history.

  • ShifterCat

    AndrAIa remains one of my favourite animated characters. She’s the reason I got myself a starfish hairclip.

  • Brittany K

    Oh man, a Reboot reboot AND a Sailor Moon reboot this close together? Those were my two favorite non Scooby Doo shows as a kid! I feel spoiled, and i love it.