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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This Makes Sense

Monday Cute: This Pug Is Rightfully Excited About The Ending Of Homeward Bound [VIDEO]

The video autoplays so we’ve got it after the jump. It’s adorable. 

Spoiler warning for the end of Homeward Bound. (Oh yeah, I said it.)

I know that feel, bro.

(via The Chive)

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  • Lily Milos

    This video literally gave me chills!

  • Anonymous

    Oh cripes. Once again The Mary Sue brings an inappropriate tear to my eye in the middle of my working day. (if anyone asks, I’m really moved by my spreadsheets)

  • The Smile Lady

    Aaw, this is exactly the kind of cuteness (and nostalgia) I needed to start the week :)

  • Brand

    It’s okay I teared also. Holy crap, I haven’t seen Homeward Bound in 20 years and it still made me all teary eyed.

  • cloudywolf

    I wish all my pug did was spin in circles and bark when she sees dogs on TV! She either tries to climb the wall to get to the screen or tries to break down the door to get outside.

  • Anonymous

    That was too cute! Hahah