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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Real-Life Pixar Desk Lamp Just Wants to Be Your Friend [VIDEO]

Pinokio from Adam Ben-Dror on Vimeo.

To start your day off with some Pixar-related awesomeness: Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror, and Joss Doggett have used some technological wizardry to create a real-life version of Luxo Jr., a.k.a. the Pixar lamp. Technically known as Pinokio (but it will always be Luxo Jr. in my heart), not only does the lamp recognize faces and interact with whoever it sees, it acts downright adorable doing so. It can even play peek-a-boo!

(via: Gizmodo)

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  • Jim

    Won’t let you turn if off, huh. I watched BSG – I know how this ends and it doesn’t end well.

  • Anonymous

    Make a toaster next! I want to relive my childhood of talking appliances!

  • Joshua Epstein

    Either awesome or terrifying. I can’t decide. Kind of reminds me of “dummy” from Iron Man.

  • Anonymous