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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Good News Everyone: Pink Doesn’t Exist

The next time you’re confronted with something aggressively pink, magenta, or fuchsia that you’re expected to embrace or reject because of your gender, don’t try to ignore it. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth:

There is no pink.

(via Gizmodo.)


  • Sarah

    It’s lightish red!

  • Joanna

    Thank god!

  • Anonymous

  • Null

    Hey, magenta’s a pretty damn cool color; I like it because it doesn’t exist. It’s, you know, unnatural.

    The minus green thing’s actually pretty cool; you can express any visible color as a point in 3-D space with its position on the x, y, and z axes corresponding to the amount of red, green, and blue…so blue is minus yellow and turquoise is minus red…

    You can even invert colors with paint programs and get ideas for crazy outfits…I’d love to see someone cosplay as an inverted character…

  • Katie

    A friend of mine actually dressed for Halloween as an inverted version of himself. He’s filipino, so he ended up painting himself this strange green colour. It was awesome.

  • Null

    Groovy! (though isn’t the opposite of yellow blue?) I don’t have the time to seriously invest in cosplay, but I’d love to come as an RGB-palette-inverted Doctor or other famous scifi character. And I’m sure a lot of the costume geeks would come up with some neat ideas.

  • Marie

    I’ve never liked pink. And my favorite color is green. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

  • Frodo Baggins

    Lisa Frank condemns as “Heresy.”

  • Justin Wieber

    I’m sure you’ve also heard the story that when colors were first assigned to newborn babies, boys were in light red and girls in light blue since “red” is supposed to be masculine and “blue” is supposed to be feminine. 
    Going by that I would like to conclude that color being innate to someone’s personality, gender, lifestyle, etc. is complete and utter bunk.

  • Justin Wieber
  • Katie

    He has reddish-brown skin. He actually got all of the colours by inverting a photo of himself on the computer. And if someone has done a pixelated version of themselves (as shown on here a few days ago) then I am sure that others have come up with the inverted version. I just wish that there were photos! An inverted Doctor would be AWESOME. Especially one of the older Doctors with the flashy outfits.

  • Life Lessons

    So does this mean it is the color that fell from space or the magic color or like something else?

  • Kimberly

    I still like pink, even if it is basically green’s leftovers. I like green too, so it’s win-win.

  • Gabriela Alonso

    We should definitely ask Pinkie Pie about this. As interested part, I’m pretty sure she has a few interesting insights on this.

  • Saronai

    So interesting…especially since green is my favourite colour and pink is my least favourite.  It makes more sense now if pink is actually “minus green”