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Probably the Most Perfect Geek Jewelry on Etsy: Pica Pica Press

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Pica Pica Press on Etsy.

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  • Ashley Sue

    Ugh, I need everything, EVERYTHING this woman makes.

  • Alex T

    These look really nice! I love the style.

  • Anonymous

    I need to somehow make all my friends and family aware of this site before my birthday…

  • Anonymous

    These are so beautiful! But they do make me wonder–because I’m in the process of opening my own “storefront” this year and I don’t want to be squicky–what it means to profit from our fan-made creations when they’re not licensed.

    Most of the research I’ve encountered says “you should not do this because you are profiting from someone else’s intellectual property and have not been given permission to do so.” Or “you can do it, because everyone does and no one usually minds, but it’s still wrong, and technically infringement/theft/what-have-you.” And for those of us who make geek-inspired jewelry/decorations/outfits/etc, we’re not exactly producing satire/parody/critique when we make these things.

    But at every Con, and in several online shops, I see these items sell. And I want them to sell, and I want to sell them! Especially in cases where no licensed equivalents exist. Because they’re so unique, and creative! So, I don’t really know what I’m saying. I love what Pica Pica Press does, and I want to do it too. But is it legally dubious? Or is it okay?

  • Anonymous

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  • Lynn C

    I share your ethical dilemma in reverse. Knowing that it’s not really legal for these sellers to sell the fan items that I want – and that the studios are definitely NOT providing for my purchasing pleasure through duly licensed channels – is it wrong of me to buy these things from an unlicensed seller when I see something I want?

    I know that a lot of sellers get away with selling fancraft items, but if you do it you’re always going to be wondering if one of those letters in your mailbox is a Cease and Desist.

  • Colin

    This should help. TechDirt has a series of articles on Fair Use: