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Fans Do Cool Things

Philadelphia Comic Con Cosplay Roundup

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Last weekend saw the City of Brotherly Love get overtaken by geeks and nerds of all types courtesy of the Philadelphia Comic Con. I had the chance to go, and boy am I glad I did, if only because I got to see John Barrowman wearing superhero pajama pants. And then not wearing superhero pajama pants, because he flashed his underwear during his panel. So yeah, that was fun. Other highlights: A filthy-minded Firefly panel, Barrowman talking about how he’s the least likely NRA member ever (he believes in gun control, wants to change things from the inside, and is apparently a skeet shooting prodigy), and finding out Manu Bennett literally choked someone into unconsciousness while auditioning for Arrow‘s Slade Wilson.

Oh, and the cosplay, of course. A few highlights are beyond the cut, among them someone whom I’ve affectionately nicknamed “Doctor Trek Wars,” what just might be my favorite Doctor Who cosplay ever, and yours truly as a Sith.

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  • Lexie Bryan

    Dot Matrix!! That’s a tricky costume, and I really like her interpretation.

  • Anonymous

    For a few moments I was looking for a “Reboot” cosplayer. So disappointed.

  • Shannon

    “Doctor Trek Wars” was one of my favorites as well! My Saturday favorite however was the guy with the impeccable Darth Maul make-up wearing a pink polo (complete with R2-D2 patch), khaki shorts, and boat shoes. He was fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    The Kaylees are adorable!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I would like to see those photos of John Barrowman plz :3