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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Will Paul Giamatti Be A Secondary Villain For The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Paul Giamatti has played villains before but if talks for him joining The Amazing Spider-Man sequel go through, he could find himself connecting with his animal instincts. 

Looks like Peter Parker is going to have a tough time of it in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Actor Jamie Foxx has already been confirmed as the villainous Electro in the sequel but he might be getting some help thanks to Rhino.

Yes, I said Rhino. His real name is Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich and he’s basically a hired thug who’s advantage is a super strong polymer bonded to his skin allowing him strength and speed. And yes, his costume makes him look like a Rhinoceros with a human face. He’s been a long-time villain for both Spider-Man and The Hulk but was able to rehabilitate himself later on and help Spider-Man.

As it turns out, Giamatti is a huge fan of the character and spoke about him a few times last year.

“I thought Rhino was the greatest thing when I was a little kid,” he told Collider. “It was a guy who was basically in this rhinoceros outfit, and I always thought, ‘Why don’t they have The Rhino in one of their movies.’ But maybe The Rhino wasn’t that big of a deal for anybody but me. … If they ever go with The Rhino, I would be ready and waiting.”

Looks like someone was listening.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Anonymous

    In Ultimate Spider-Man the Rhino is a guy piloting a Rhino-man mech. Maybe that’s how they’ll go here since the movies are closer to the Ultimate line that the normal Marvel comics.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm…okay. I hated Amazing Spider Man like it was poison, I hated it in concept and honestly the only reason I saw it was because a buddy invited me to a critic’s screening.

    I had zero interest in seeing it. But I have to admit, I do really like Giamatti and seeing him play Rhino might be worth sitting through a sequel.

  • Kev Tomes

    Are you sure you watched Godawful Spider-Thing? Because that film didn’t give a shit about the comics.

    (Although I like to pretend that Superior Spider-Man is cannon in that film. It makes some of Pete’s behaviour make sense.)

  • Anonymous

    It’ll probably just be Ultimate Rhino then since that version of the character was just a scientist in a cool rhino mecha. Or something akin to the recent TV show where he was a scrawny geek who gets turned into a rhino creature by some chemicals from Oscorp.

    Giamatti will probably rock this, he’s usually good.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I have similar feelings about the Amazing Spider-Man. I was extremely disappointed and I even had low expectations going in. However, just the mention of Giamatti makes me want to see the next one.