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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Some Of Our Favorite Origin Stories, Posterized

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You’ve gotta love a good origin story. And you’ve gotta love a good poster. So you’ve gotta love The Ninja Bot‘s series of illustrated origin stories, featuring comic book heroes and villains and the occasional cartoon character, twice. Except now I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme running through my head.

(via: So Geek Chic)

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  • Anonymous

    I like Wonder Woman’s & Harley Quinn’s

  • Anonymous

    Sugar. Spice. And everything nice.

  • Cori Redford

    The only one I didn’t get was the blue one. Was that Beast? Nightcrawler? Loki?

  • Alan Kistler

    Love it.

  • Alan Kistler

    That’s Loki. As a frost giant by birth, his original skin color has often been depicted as blue.

  • Brian Dirk

    These are amazing, but I feel lost on who the blue baby is. Any clues?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    That would be Loki.

  • Katy

    Batman’s and Harley Quinn’s are the best. I also like the Loki one. Is the one with Athena Wonder Woman or Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series?

  • Brian Dirk

    I’ll surrender my Geek Card whenever convenient.

  • Cori Redford


  • Anonymous

    Oh my. I would like all of those, and also space appropriate to hang them.

  • Anonymous

    Eh. No geek can know All The Things. And, after all, there are a lot of blue babies to consider.

  • KA

    These are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning! The Batman and Magneto ones really stood out to me, Superman was also visually stunning. Loved all of them,

  • Foxfire

    Love the wonder woman and joker ones!

    Like everyone else I missed the boat on Loki ;p

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Definitely took me longer to figure that one than the rest. I think it was the horns on Odin that threw me

  • Greg

    Now I wanna ask for a Thundercats one!

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused how Wonder Woman walking past an Athena statue (though the helmet & shield look off) counts as a origin.

  • Anonymous

    The Magneto and Loki ones are actually quite moving.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else tempted to make a really inappropriate pearl necklace joke about the Batman one?

  • Jessy Southard Strohmeyer

    What’s the first one? Is that Power Puff Girls?

  • Elory

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  • Adrian

    I see it as the moment of idealism and reflection where Diana, raised with all the virtues of Athena and the Amazons, decided what she was going to do with her life. It is when she decided of her own agency to leave the life of paradise and be a warrior and a champion for not just her gods and her people, but for all people of the world.

    Goddamn, I’m making myself cry, Wonder Woman is so awesome.

  • Alexa

    What is the one with the guy firing the arrow?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to include some kind of text identifiers on these pictures? I think I figured most of them out, but this isn’t the first time I’ve stared at something here and wondered what it was supposed to be. Liked the Superman one. And Powerpuff Girls. I’m assuming the arrow guy is Green Arrow? If I hadn’t watched the pilot ep I’d have had no clue.

  • ElSharra

    That’s what I saw too, most (not all) heroes are made (accident, exposure to something, dual personallity…), WW’s poster is the moment of her choice to become a hero

  • Abel Undercity


  • Abel Undercity

    Green Arrow. His origin story is being stranded on an island and having to teach himself to shoot with a bow to survive.

  • Ashe

    Would the real Megamind please stand up?

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t her origin that she learns from crashed Steve Trevor that the outside world is filled with strife & she participates in a contest for the honor & responsibility of being Themyscria’s ambassador? It’s more of a classic call to action than just something she decided independently on a whim.

  • Alexa

    Hmm that’s what I suspected, but wasn’t sure. Thanks :)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    These are gorgeous.

    Lemme see if I’ve got all these straight:

    - The Powerpuff Girls
    - The Incredible Hulk
    - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ah, my childhood!)
    - Batman (it took me a solid 20 seconds of staring to put the elemnts together, probably because I read the pearls as bubbles at first)
    - Wonder Woman (only because I know of no other superheroines associated with Athena or even Greek mythology in general)
    - Professor Xavier? Magneto? Don’t know too much about X-Men, but didn’t those two get their start in WWII? Or is it some other franchise entirely?
    - … The Beast? Again, X-Men isn’t my bag, but I can’t think of any other blue superheros.
    - Wolverine
    - Harley Quinn
    - The Joker
    - Superman
    - The Green Lantern
    - The Green Arrow, I presume?
    - Spiderman

    I think my favorites are either Harley or Superman. Harley’s tells the story quite well in such a compact, clean space while Superman’s just captures that ’30′s sci-fi aesthetic so very well.

  • Lisa Bryant

    Almost! It’s Magneto (the scene from the film, in which he was separated from his mother at the camps). And the blue on is infant Loki and Odin. Loki was a frost giant, abandoned because he was runty. Odin took him in :)

  • MeatyStakes

    Welp, I got all of those, Maybe I’m a bigger nerd than I had assumed.

  • Ross Van Loan

    Wonder Woman doesn’t have an origin : she wasn’t punched into Thera’s caldera ; there was no radioactive chimera bite, and she almost most certainly wasn’t part of some radical feminist super soldier program headed by the queen of an island nation…hey, waitaminute she does have an origin!

  • Kat

    Harley’s is my favorite.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Yeah, I remembered seeing those scenes in the ads, I just couldn’t remember if it was supposed to be Xavier or Magneto.


  • Sanjay Merchant


  • Diaspora

    What’s the one with the hand drowning and the cards? That was the only one I didn’t get….

  • Adrian

    Not entirely accurate. There was a call to action for all Amazons to compete, with the winner then taking Steve back to Man’s World. However, Diana’s mother bans her from competing but she decides to defy her mother and compete anyway. Life was easy before this but she went against authority to do what she believed to be right.

  • Robert Vary

    That’s the Joker, having fallen into the chemical vat.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing it’s because there are no cultures for whom blue tones are a defining characteristic or historical racial stereotype (unlike olive, brown, red, or yellow). Or maybe it just stands out more because of that.

    Now I want to see a distribution of heroes/ villains by color.