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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Monday Cute: Self-Feeding Kittens

Let this video serve as a reminder: there’s a new batch of foster kittens and mom on the Foster Kitten Livestream (the official The Mary Sue how-is-the-work-day-not-over-yet distraction), and this time around not only have all the kitties been named after scientists, the momma was named after Marie Curie! The kittens themselves, at less than ten days old, are still basically round eating and sleeping machines, which makes for a nice contrast with the olympic athletes we were watching all weekend.

(via Cute Overload.)

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  • Natasha Dythia

    I feel like I need an insulin shot after all that sweetness!

  • Erin Patchell

    As cute as that is… as an animal rehabber I had to cringe seeing these babies being fed on their backs.  It significantly increases the risk of aspiration pneumonia – small animal infants should always be fed while laying on their stomachs, as they would while drinking from their mom.  Of course, it would make it more difficult for them to feed themselves.  *rolls eyes*

  • Kenny Zaborny

     I didn’t know that.  I recently raised a kitten after her mom abandoned her because of a severe infection that almost rendered her blind. I fed her a bottle on her back sometimes. Stevie is doing fine now and can see well enough to chase the mouse cursor on my screen or follow my older cats down the hall.