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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Fansplosions Abound

Merry Christmas, From the Fangirls

Christmas isn’t just a special time for the Doctor Who fandom, but for lots of fandoms. Yes, even that one. Featuring a guest appearance by Fangirls creator, Leigh Lahav.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s Dany not Khal…..sigh I hate that confusion.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, here’s a question from someone who grew up in a country were swearing on TV was ok: why do people bleep their own creation? It’s not network TV, no one is going to sue them, so why the self-censorship?

  • Lien

    Cause sometimes people would rather not offend people, not because they are afraid of a lawsuit. Self censorship isn’t always because of fear of the law.

    But i gotta admit, why always the beep sound? They could of use the “EFF” sound they used in Perfect hair forever instead.

  • Alexa

    Well at least Shield isn’t as bad as Arrow. Oh yeah I went there…

  • Anonymous

    Just about died when they got to SHIELD.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, SHIELD shout out!
    PS – SwanQueen got quite a Christmas present.

  • Lien
  • Alexa
  • odango atama

    Youtube, owned by Google, will pull ads if the content is Mature and up.

  • odango atama


  • Anonymous

    oh, that makes sense. and a single “fuck” would make it M? *facepalms the US*

  • petelpet

    I’m pretty sure in this case it was made for the lolz. Bleeping is much funnier than hearing the word

  • Emma Lewis

    You should know, the

  • realinvalidname

    Attack On Titan reference… woot!

  • AnnaB
  • realinvalidname

    Also, Leigh has a really nice singing voice.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, not having internalized the need for beeping, I am just going to have to settle with not understanding, I think.

  • odango atama

    Personally, I facepalm the Puritanical bureaucracy. Censorship has been attacked A LOT in America.