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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Offered Without Comment

So Lucy Lawless Tweeted a Thing About Some Sort Of Possible Xena Revival

Did anyone else gasp? I gasped.

(via: Twitter)

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  • Christina Morejon

    where are all the comments? personally, I think this is Awesome! Love me some Xena

  • Tanya Hernandez

    If it’s a rebranding, there’s not guarantee that Lucy or Renee will reprise their roles and continue the saga…which is what I want to see. I mean I’m ecstatic to see either of them on screen in anything (seeing them together is even better) but I make that face u make when you drink milk that has gone bad when I think of someone rebranding my beloved Xena. I will be tracking this news with a sideways, speculative look <_<

  • Elizabeth Freeman

    I hope Lucy takes up the role of Xena again

  • Kay

    100% into this. Also, I am so adding Xena to my Netflix queue.

  • Mr The Batman

    Well considering as Xena is dead and Gabrielle is the girl with a chakram now, we can only speculate from there.

  • Mr The Batman

    I’m all for Xena coming back in some way. I started out with Hercules and then found Xena and never looked back (no offence to Hercules fans, though).

  • Angela

    I do not think Lucy would tweet about this if she has no part in it.

  • Anonymous

    That show was way ahead of it’s time. Fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    FFS, please give the show a fuckin’ budget this time…

  • Alisa Ann Kreuzer


  • Agatha Gomes

    XENA! Im almost hyperventilating right now. I loved her so much as a kid. Bring her back!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but having a part in it and reprising the same role are two different things.

  • Aeryl

    Well her husband Rob Tapert was one of the original producers of Xena, so imagine any reboot/continuation would have to run through him and Sam Raimi.

  • Lake Desire

    Hi The Mary Sue! Why no mention of the fans who have been campaigning for a movie? We’re the “you guys” Lucy is referring to. Like our page on Facebook… we’re about to hit 65,000 likes!

  • Angela

    No, that’s what I meant. She knows fans would not except Xena without her.

  • Agent 86

    A Xena: Warrior Princess movie? With Lucy Lawless. Is it Christmas Day already?

    How amazing would a Xena movie be? Especially if it involved the original cast and crew!

    I just hope that any movie can capture that perfect blend of drama, action, comedy, romance and camp that the TV series often managed to create. And that they drop the “subtext” and simply have Xena and Gabrielle as partners in every way.

  • Xena Movie Fans

    Yesss!!! We want a Xena movie with Lucy & Roc! You can help us by joining the Xena Movie Campaign which is already listed here, and by signing the Xena Movie Petition and the brand new We Want a Xena Movie! Twitition.
    Lucy recently said that we really have to petition Universal so that’s what we’re doing. :) like mad

    Xena Movie Petition

    We Want A Xena Movie! Twitition

  • Cae

    WAHOO! Xena revival? Yes, please!