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Legend of Korra Book Two Cast Adds Aubrey Plaza, Lisa Edelstein, James Remar

Legend of Korra fans, the wait is nearing its end, and we’ve got some casting news for book 2 of the hit series. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Lisa Edelstein (House), and James Remar (Dexter), and more have been recruited to play characters appearing in the second season.

Head under the cut for the who’s who!

We all know that one of the most anticipated character introductions for the new book is that of Aang and Katara’s other kids, Bumi and Kya. Bumi appeared briefly at the end of Book 1, but now we’ll be seeing all three together at last! Edelstein (who you might know as Lisa Cuddy from House) will be taking on the role of Kya, Aang and Katara’s sole daughter. She’s a waterbender, and is, according to Entertainment Weekly, “sweet-yet-impatient”.

Plaza (who, in addition to being on Parks and Recreation was also Julie in Scott Pilgrim) will be playing Eska– one half of a pair of waterbending twins who are Korra’s cousins. The other twin, Eska’s brother Desna, will be played by Aaron Himelstein (Joan of Arcadia).

Remar will be taking on the roll of Korra’s father, Tonraq. We saw him briefly in the first book, but now he’s returning and bringing along Unalaq, Korra’s uncle and chief of the Northern and Southern water tribes, to be played by Sons of Anarchy‘s Adrian LaTourelle. Apparently Unalaq will be seeking Korra’s help in the coming episodes, though what he needs help with is still under wraps.

Also set to appear in Book 2 is an “eccentric capitalist” and “biz-bender” (whatever that means) named Varrick.

Book 2 will begin six months after Korra’s defeat of Amon and the Equalists. In the coming 14-episodes, she will have to get in touch with her spiritual side as the material and spiritual planes begin to collide.

Expect to see Book 2 out later this year, and expect to see the creators of Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender at SDCC.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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  • Kay

    Those are some amazing people. Looking forward to seeing — I mean hearing Lisa Edelstein and Aubrey Plaza in action!

    Also I just enjoy seeing people mention Joan of Arcadia. I loved that show.

  • Anonymous

    James Remar’s character plays a spiritual guide to someone they call “The water bender butcher”

  • Anonymous

    I always get nervous when there’s a lot of non-voice-actors cast in a cartoon, especially since ATLA and LoK have such a history of excellent voice acting. Withholding judgment for now….

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the new season! Korra rocks! :D

  • Anonymous

    Id also rather the voice actors werent famous regular actors. Then more money gets paid to bring in famous people as opposed to money on the animation which is where it belongs. Then the famous voice actors want their say in how the characters are portrayed, and even though I love Plaza, and she will probably bring a lot to the character, the same cannot be said for everyone.

  • Melynda

    Casting news is great… Release date news would be better. I honestly expected to see it already. I’m sure that news will come from SDCC. Also if that’s Eska and Desna in the pic… Are they related to Mai? lol

  • Gregory Williams

    Just get the show back on the air ASAP and do not ruin the steam punk flavor it has used so well … now where do I find the exact idiots who cancelled GREEN LANTERN and YOUNG JUSTICE? They need to meet the “learning stick” …hee hee hee hee …

  • Jamie Jeans

    … those are Anng and Katara’s kids?

    They’re looking awfully kinda white there… >_>

    But here’s to hoping (of which I have very little at this point) that the writing for Book 2 will actually be done by semi-competent writers.

  • Anonymous

    The finest work of Jazz Age fiction is undoubtedly The Legend of Korra.

  • Aeryl

    Um, no. Those are the current Avatar, Korra’s cousins. Korra is no relation to Aang or Katara.

    Kya, Aang and Katara’s daughter, has Katara’s exact skin tone, as demonstrated by Brian Konietzko.

    Bumi, their oldest son, has a blend of their skin tones, and Tenzin their youngest, has Aang’s skin tone.

  • Jamie Jeans

    So… they’re Korra’s cousins, and also members of the Southern Water Tribe, and they’re as light skinned as anyone else from the Earth and Fire Kingdoms… >_>

    And I saw that screen shot and the kids of Katara and Anng all still looked damned light skinned to me.

  • Aeryl

    They are members of the Northern Tribe, which was pretty diverse, skin tone wise.

    There is a response from Bryan on tumblr, where he shows the screenshots of the Pantone charts for the skin tones.

    There is NO “there” there. They have not been lightened.

    And if you SAW the screenshot it question, why did you say these obviously completely different people were ALSO their kids.

    Please stop trolling.

  • Mark Brown

    See if you can find the people who canned TRON UPRISING too. They need some “reprogramming” as well.

  • Mark Brown

    So is that a bloodthirsty killer who targets waterbenders, a bloodthirsty killer who IS a waterbender, or a waterbender who happens to have a business selling tasty cuts of meat?

    Could we have our new cabbage man?

  • Jamie Jeans

    Yes, and I read that response, which came off as pretty condescending. “Here, let me, a white guy, tell you women of colour not to be concerned about how these characters of colour are not white-washed.”

    And I made a mistake in thinking they were the kids. I had seen them before, but I just got a bit mixed up.

    And this is trolling? This isn’t trolling… I might have been mixed up but I still have concerns over the creators of this series screwing things up, especially with how badly they handled things in Book 1, from the writing to the characters to the overall message that they were trying to deliver.

  • Aeryl

    It wasn’t WOC concerned that I saw, it was busybody white people. I saw plenty of WOC and MOC defend Bryan’s explanation.

    At the same time, it was legitimate question, but it got a legitimate answer.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. I’ve seen some great anime dubs and if you ask me, their voice actors/actresses are unsurpassed. Example: Vic Mignogna, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey. Stuff like Baccano!, FMA, Cowboy Bepop, and Black Lagoon have absolutely fantastic English dubs.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Well remember, this isn’t Edelstein’s first voice acting gig. She was Mercy Graves in Superman: The Animated Series and JL/U. And Remar has quite a few animated roles on his resume.

  • Roberta

    I am going to say that plays to their advantage. With their excellent casting, LoK really could hook any actor they need for the role. We would get excited regardless if the actor is a voice or screen one. I think that they just believed that Edelstein and the others are perfect for the role.

  • Bunny Byul

    Don’t forget FLCL. That’s one of the best dubs I’ve ever heard.

  • Ashe

    I second this!

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re being overly hard on Funimation. Watch anything by 4Kids, or MangaWorks, and I think you might change your perspective. ^^