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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Good News Everyone!

Lisa Frank Now Has A Clothing Line; Is Offering Adult Sizes

I bet you didn’t know that Lisa Frank has a retail website. I bet you didn’t know that it looks like the late 90′s.

Okay, well that’s not particularly surprising, I’ll grant you. But I’m willing to bet that you haven’t yet heard of their most recent additions to their online retail offerings: clothing.

Some of which is in adult sizes.

A realization that a number of media makers are coming to these days is that it’s finally the right time to start making money of the nostalgia of people born in the mid-to-late-eighties, and for those of you who think that the rehashing of decades old properties is emblematic of regression in the mainstream creative process and creating a stagnation in modern cinema and fashion I am going to have to say in this specific instance SHUT UP AND GIVE ME SEASON THREE OF PETE & PETE.


Shall we examine what’s on offer?

First, if you’re unfamiliar with the heroic artistic journey of Lisa Frank, you should really watch this video.

A brief examination shows that adults may chose a denim baseball cap embroidered with a teddy bear wearing a top hat, t-shirts proudly displaying a rainbow heart with three fashionable puppies looking over it, a rainbow striped denim skirt, a black sweatshirt covered in rainbow paint splatters and cactus (only available in XL), and a series of different cuts of shirts (above) featuring rainbow colored dolphins making a heart.

According to Racked, “if you order more than $50 worth of gear, you also get six free holiday pencil toppers,” and pencils to put them on. Let me show you my reaction to this. My reaction to this, let me show you it:

There’s only one down side to this and, I mean, come on. I say this every time I find a new t-shirt retailer that sells awesome nerdy stuff. Where are the shirts in guys sizes? Just because they are a minority in the Lisa Frank community doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to have shirts that fit, too!

(via Jezebel.)

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  • Anonymous

    One of my best guy friends in college used a Lisa Frank folder for his marketing classes. When it finally fell apart, we had to cremate it on the quad. So, yes, he needs mens sizes in these shirts!

  • Anonymous

    …because season 3 of pete and pete has the awesome april fools day episode where everyone bands together to prank principal adam west!  waaaaaaant!

    but i have to pass on the lisa frank stuff.  the girls in my 3rd grade class all had lisa frank folders, and they made fun of mine with the crazy monsters on them.  le sigh…

  • Anonymous

  • K.K.

    I don’t think I’m nostalgic enough to pay $45 for a long sleeve t-shirt. But I am pleased to see the existence of this line :)

  • Anika Guldstrand

    Lisa Frank was the queen of school supplies when I was in the third grade. This is a truly amazing find! That said, I’d probably wear the t-shirt with the heart and the puppies. ;)

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • Emily Hill

    I love it my older sister was an eighties kid and me and my little sister were nineties kids we grew up with her stuff and it be awesome to wear rainbow unicorns on my body