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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

Incredibly Lifelike Doll of Avatar Korra’s Polar Bear Dog, Naga

The folks behind Etsy shop Worms and Bones have crafted this one-of-a-kind, fully posable doll of Naga the polar bear dog, animal guide to Avatar Korra in The Legend of Korra. A single picture doesn’t really do it justice, you’ll have to check out the rest at their Tumblr post to really see just how amazing it is. Naga is being sold in a silent auction, with 25% of the proceeds going to Polar Bear conservation efforts, so if you’d like to get your hands on her, you should probably contact Worms and Bones soon.

Part of what makes this model so unique is that, unlike every other action cartoon under the sun, there is no action figure line for Legend of Korra, likely because of that unfortunate assumption that girls won’t buy action figures, and boys won’t buy action figures of girls.

(Worms and Bones via Bryan Konietzko.)

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  • Anonymous

    That is too cool.

  • jenovapooh

    Silent auction, huh? I wonder what the highest bid is thus far.

  • Nick Gaston

    I think this doll has better construction than the plot of season 2.


  • Ashe

    Oh GOSH. This is gorgeous!

  • Ashe



  • Anonymous

    And it doesn’t get bogged down by relationships

  • Nataruma

    600 bucks last I checked on their tumblr :3