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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Jennifer Lawrence Tries To Make Sense Of Oscar Interview Questions & Jack Nicholson [VIDEO]

Ok, we know today has been Academy Award-heavy but these are too good not to share. In all life situations from now on I will ask myself, “WWJLD?” Because Jennifer Lawrence reacts like a real person. For instance, while being interviewed post-Oscar win, Jack Nicholson decided to interrupt. Can you imagine what you’d do if Jack Nicholson surprised you? It would probably be something like this.

And what if you were asked really bizarre, obvious questions after winning an Academy Award? That would probably go like this…

Jennifer, please be my best friend. I can pay you in french fries.

(via Death and Taxes Mag)

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  • Anonymous

    How many ways can you say “Gee, that’s a stupid question! I can’t believe you asked me that stupid question!” Loving her reaction to Nicholson.

  • Carrie

    I would like to just hang out with that lady and make her some cakes.

    I was never that fun when I was 22!

  • Anonymous

    She’s so awesome…

  • Jason Thinh

    All love for her aside (and I really do love her lots), french fries? Yknow what Jill? Fuck you. Be MY best friend if you’re gonna start using that kinda currency. I’m worth at least a kids meal.

  • Anonymous

    She’s like the anti-Kirsten Stewart.
    I hope she never changes.
    The look of “OMG Jack Nicholson totally talked to me!! Yikes, he came back!!!!” was to DIE for!

  • Wayne Anthony Feeney

    She is all kinds of awesome! But seriously, the stupidity of some of those questions. ‘What happened when you fell?’ ‘What went through your mind when you fell?’ ‘Do you think it’s a good thing having all this success so young?’ Like, seriously, what kinds of questions are these?

  • Brooke Michelle

    I bet she loves cake. Seriously loves it. And that makes me love her more.

  • Carrie

    I think so too and I’ve been told my cakes are pretty tasty so I reckon I could win her over!

  • Renee I.

    Yeah I adore her… so funny, genuine, and lovable!

  • Hullabaloo

    She is so cute! I love her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I’d have responded in the same way. “A bad word I can’t say. It started with “F”.”

  • Incredibly Awesome

    I love her.

  • Anonymous

    Please be my best friend!!!! [2] I can pay in cookies

  • Katharine Ellis Tapley

    She’s just ADORABLE!

  • Redwood

    WTG!~Miss Lawrence! So refreshing!~~genuine, sincere, “off-the cuff”, SMART, funny-”as all get out!” You go girl/young lady! Poised!!! Your loved ones must be SO PROUD!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. ;o)

  • Craig Oxbrow

    Could we get her to present them next year?