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There's An Apparate For That

Today in Made-Up Cover Art: Hogwarts Textbooks

I assume, as good students, you’ve already got your text books for the new year, right? After all, there haven’t been any switch ups in how many OWLs you have to get to take advanced potions this time. You should have prepared beforehand.

If I have one complaint about Allysah’s gorgeous designs for Hogwarts textbooks, its that they all look way too cool. Where’s the bad photoshop, the staged photos of a multicultural array of students looking suspiciously happy to be learning, the weird pictures of animals? That seal, though. Of course every book used by the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry would want to show off on the cover. Much better than a Newberry Medal.

(via Tumblr.)

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  • Shannon S.

    These look like the covers were designed sometime during the ’60s. And not the 1560s either. They’re nice, but I think even Hermione would have a problem with the designs. Personally, I prefer the original paperback covers of Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through The Ages that were published for charity. I especially loved the mock wax seal on the front of both covers.

  • Stannous Flouride

    Anyone know the artist? I’ve been searching for hours.

  • Stannous Flouride

    Found it, she’s a 16 y.o. fan with some serious skills!
    From Huffington Post:
    Ever wish you could trade in your boring muggle textbooks on American history and chemistry for guides to casting spells and the history of Quidditch? Sixteen-year-old “Harry Potter” lover and would-be Hogwarts student Allysah, of the Tumblr veraferto, has created an impressive series of textbooks fit for a wizard’s library. Allysah created designs using the real titles of textbooks from J.K. Rowling’s series, and even added the real author names, from “Quentin Trimble” to “Bathilda Bagshot.”