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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Chris Hardwick Gives Wil Wheaton A Christmas Present, Hugs Are Also Exchanged

Did you know that comedian Chris Hardwick and Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton used to live together? It’s true, they’re great friends. That’s why when Wheaton dropped by for a taping of the latest The Nerdist special on BBC America, Hardwick had a Christmas present waiting for him. What do you get the nerd that has everything? Something from the heart my friends, something from the heart.

The Nerdist: Year in Review airs Christmas Eve and also features Nathan Fillion, Kumail Nanjiani and interviews with David Tennant and Simon Pegg.

(via The Nerdist)

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  • Terence Ng

    Cutest thing ever. Just look at Wil’s face upon realization.

  • Anonymous

    It was so awesome, I actually teared up a little bit. Happy tears. But also sad tears, because now I wish I was cool enough to have a walrus oven mitt tree-topper. 

  • Lisa Jonte

    Aww…  I really love the fact that Wil had a 12-sided die in his pocket, you know, as a matter of course.

  • Anonymous

  • Victoria Eden

    “Dude, why did you get me this old dirty oven m-ZOMG! This is the best gift ever!”

    Consider the cockles of my heart warmed.

  • Glenn Buettner

    It’s gifts like these…..there are generally no words for gifts like these.

  • bchez

    And here I thought the Big Bang Theory was fiction. 

  • Rose Jones

    I want a Hannukah walrus oven mitt to hold a plate of potato pancakes :D