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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

we loled

Korean Promo For Hannibal Is the Weirdest, Best, Most Inappropriately Sparkle-Filled Promo Of All Time [VIDEO]

You don’t need to watch Hannibal to appreciate the sheer WTFery of this Korean promo. As long as you know that the show itself is a violent, intense drama about a serial killer cannibal, the fact that this video has anime sparkles, floating hearts, an excited voiceover, and the main character’s head photoshopped on… a Korean pop star? I don’t even know… should strike you as appropriately weird.

A partial English transcription is here. At one point Hannibal apparently says “HEHEHE I’LL HELP YOU HIDE THE BODYYYY <3."

(via: Pajiba)

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  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    This makes me laugh, because I literally watch Hannibal (or at least, catch bits of it) on this channel. And while AXN advertises the hell out of it, I’ve never seen them show this one.

  • Burritomadness

    Oh god it’s everything I didn’t know I ever needed.

  • Grahame Turner

    Can we all start pronouncing the character’s name like they do in Korea? HA-nibal.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Are there other promos more, uh, fitting with the show?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    DO IT. No sparkles, but a lot of cannibal puns.

  • Gordon Borland

    Cannibal puns ? how untasteful

  • Aeryl

    This show gives me such anxiety, because I’m always wondering if they are eating people.

    Of course, Bryan Fuller’s twitter confirmed, that yes, he’s feeding everyone people.

  • Bridget Smith

    Yup, always people. Even the beer is people! (I don’t think the wine is, though.)

  • Lapin

    This reminds me of the Hannibal fan community on tumblr. They photoshop sparkles and hearts and rainbows all over everything. Although on tumblr it’s supposed to be ironic, because CANNIBALS. I’m not even sure what this commercial is aiming for, but the result is magnificent!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Hold your tongue.

    (edit: dammit, that was weak. But there’s a tongue pun in the show, I couldn’t resist)

  • Gordon Borland

    I was expecting a more biting remark, but that works.

  • Lola Arcana

    Best Promo ever.

  • Gordon Borland

    What about Soylent Green ? no way that could be people, that would ridiculous.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Granted, I don’t know what they’re saying, but the other promos have some far more appropriate music and far less sparkles. The promos are creepy too actually.

  • Anonymous

    I have my speakers on. Why won’t it play sound for me?

  • Elizabeth Forbes

    Korean film and tv review shows do this with every show. It’s not really a big deal, just a way of being funny. Plus, come on. Listen to his voice. That is not a rly srs man.

  • Diaspora


  • Diaspora

    You act like Hannibal wouldn’t come up with a clever way to ferment human flesh into wine. If anyone could (and would!) it’d be him.

  • Diaspora

    Hey now, liver alone!

  • Gordon Borland

    He is quite the culinary rascal, or so I’ve heard

  • Gordon Borland

    That was a cut above the rest.

  • Morten Hillebert Bay

    Sexy male voice: “AXN Orignal.”

  • Morten Hillebert Bay

    Also, subtitles RIGHT now! HAN-nibal!

  • Grahame Turner

    My new favorite show.

  • SeanLM

    This is awesome, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a general entertainment news show (like something that would be on E! in the US) doing a jokey segment on Hannibal, not an actual promo made for Hannibal.

  • Kara

    Bryan Fuller confirmed that the chicken soup was in fact, chicken. So not everything was people.