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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Do Try This At Home

Gingerbread We Saw Today

It started with just a picture or two, suitable for inclusion in our usual link roundup, but then it became a trend. An all-consuming, inevitable trend of candy, icing, and spices. First, this TARDIG (Time And Relative Dimension In Gingerbread) is from Geeks are Sexy.

Then, here’s a gingerbread Burrow, the ancestral home of the Weasley Clan:

and a set of Portal themed gingerbread creations:

Both from Cake Wrecks.

Finally, this is technically Gingerbread We Saw Yesterday, but this masterfully crafted gingerbread Enterprise was found on Reddit.

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  • Caroline McLaughlin

    The Burrow is funny because it’s ginger.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could like this comment 10 times. XD

  • Smurfy

    The gingerbread TARDIS actually came with how-to instructions at

  • Anonymous

  • Brian Baier

    On a related note, I see the “Doctor’s Wife” gets to regenerate in ginger.  He might have a petulant word about that.

  • Ya’el Rothke

    If the Doctor can’t be ginger, at least his TARDIS can!

  • Anonymous

    His wife and mother in law are.

  • Anonymous

    Gingerbread (and gingers) is/are cool.

  • Jake Peacock
  • Jake Peacock