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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Rights of Passage

Canadian LGBT Gamers March in Toronto

Toronto’s Gay Gaming community officially marched in pride for the first time ever this past Saturday, and one million people were there to cheer them along. Click through to see pictures.


The event was scattered with cheers of “Game On!” and nerdily awesome gaming catchphrases, included many from Smash Bros.

The people in question were members of Toronto’s GayGamer social and gaming group, marching in the city-wide Pride parade. The group has been together since 2007.

As one participant pointed out:

I’ve marched with a lot of different groups before, and I must admit – in no sleight to any of them – that the GayGamers drew the most cheers, the most excitement, and the most connection from the crowd I’ve ever seen, from friends and total strangers alike. Roxas, Pikachu, shirtless Ash, and one gamer’s devilishly unique use of a Wiimote were smash hits, and hopefully they will be for years to come.

March on, gamers!

(via Gay Gamers)

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  • Kristin Frederickson

    Pretty cool. Were they marching for any specific cause, or just pride? I think it would be kind of neat to march for increased representation of LGBTQ in video game characters (in a fun way of course) – we can’t survive on Bridget and Birdo forever.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Oh come on. How hard would it be to make the banner say “GAYMERS?” It’s so obvious.

  • Matt Barber

    “… we can’t survive on Bridget… forever.” Speak for yourself! :P