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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

You know nothing Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Will Have “More Deaths This Season Than Any Other.” Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Did you think that, after the horror of the Red Wedding, we might get a break from tragedy in season four of Game of Thrones?

Hah, says Kit Harington. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

In an interview with Access Hollywood the actor, who plays Jon Snow, had something to say about the upcoming season that should make fans’ blood run cold:

“It doesn’t get any easier this season… More deaths this season than any other! I can’t tell you who dies. You’d think they’d tone the deaths down, but they don’t. They’ve realized that’s a successful option, so they’re just killing more people than we’ve ever killed.”

That makes me think of a blood-spattered George R.R. Martin in a crowd of his Game of Thrones characters, wielding a scythe and cutting people down willy-nilly. It’s not far from the truth, metaphorically speaking. Book readers will know who’s probably going to get the axe next season, depending on where they cut the story off, and trust me when I say there’s one scene in particular where I’m going to be obsessively watching peoples’ reactions Twitter and Tumblr.

Good luck emotionally preparing yourself for that one.

(via: blastr)

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  • R.O.U.S.

    Oh yes, my pretties, there is one death I’m particularly keen to see.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    See, with the exception with A Dance With Dragons (which I’m currently reading) all the deaths just blend in to me. I have no idea who dies in what book, with few exceptions (I know one death I’m looking forward to next season though!)

    Seriously George- there are so many deaths that I can’t even remember when they die. I feel you’ve gone a tad far.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I’ve gone practically purple in the face waiting for it.

  • kuzefra

    I haven’t read the books, but this has to be the year the Lannisters get knocked down a few pegs.

  • light

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  • Miss Cephalopod

    Aw, not just that. Personally, I’m really waiting for shit to go down!

  • Emily

    I cannot wait!!!!

  • Anonymous

    (Spoilers; use to decode) V’z abg fher jung ur’f gnyxvat nobhg. Gurer’f bayl gjb znwbe qrnguf V erzrzore sebz guvf frpgvba bs gur obbx, naq obgu ner ivyynvaf (Wbsserl naq Gljva). Jnvg, cyhf fbzr yrffre punenpgref (Borela naq Pyrtnar). Gung’f fgvyy abg nf znwbe nf Eboo naq Pngryla naq Gnyvfn naq nyy gur Fgnex sbeprf.

    EDIT: Man, it looks weird to use that on a site where rot13 isn’t generally used. It looks all Lovecraftian.

  • Anonymous

    I *cough cough* see what you did there.

  • Anonymous

    Borela vf n ovt bar, fvapr ur ybbxf yvxr n znwbe cynlre. Wbsserl naq Gljva, gbb. Naq gura gurer’f gur snpg gung Glevba xvyyf Funr naq uvf sngure. V ubcr gurl qba’g xvyy ure va guvf irefvba, gubhtu. V yvxr GI-Funr.


  • alk

    Book readers may also have forgotten who dies in the books, since the wait between books is so freaking long. Just saying!

  • Aoife O’Riordan

    I see what YOU did there

  • Aeryl

    I’m pretty sure, considering his location in the story, he’s referring to lots of battle deaths, which is upcoming this next season.

  • Laszlo

    You’re forgetting about Ltevggr, that’s a pretty important death.

  • athenia45

    More deaths than season 3? I can only think of 3….maybe 4. Oh wait, make that 5, but I’m not sure if he’s even really dead.

  • Anonymous

    Oh true, and certainly for his storyline.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, the motivation is totally absent in the show. Va gur obbx, fur’f n cebfgvghgr jub’f cerggl zhpu cynlvat uvz, naq Glevba qbrfa’g zvaq orpnhfr fur erzvaqf uvz bs uvf jvsr. Jura ur svaqf bhg gung Glfun jnf *abg* cynlvat uvz, ur svanyyl fancf naq xvyyf Funr sbe orgenlvat uvz. Without that, it doesn’t wrap up a subplot so much as make both of them look like raging sociopaths.

    Though come to think of it, there is one nasty way they could do it: unir Wbsserl xvyy ure ng uvf jrqqvat srnfg. Gung jbhyq or n *zhpu* zber cbjreshy jnl gb znxr Glevba ybbx yvxr gur xvyyre. Gur “rivqrapr” gung ur qvq vg jnf cerggl ynzr—”Wbsserl uhzvyvngrq fbzr qjnesf! Naq ur unq n phc!” Gung, be whfg unir ure sbyybj Fnafn.

  • Anonymous

    Most of the people I know are show-first, if they read the books at all. I read the first one, and put off reading the rest because I hate spoilers and they’re a slog to get through if you know everything that happens… somehow ended up on book 4 anyway. But they’ve already changed some stuff (like the Red Wedding) to psych-out book readers.

  • Lady Viridis

    Gur rivqrapr ntnvafg Glevba vfa’g whfg gur pvephzfgnaprf (juvpu qb ybbx onq – Glevba freirf Wbsserl’f jvar naq Wbsserl *vzzrqvngryl* qvrf), ohg Glevba’f orunivbe hc gb guvf cbvag. Glevba’f serdhrag ercevznaqf/nyzbfg guerngf gb Wbsserl naq cnegvphyneyl uvf pbzzrag gb Prefrv gung “bar qnl lbhe wbl jvyy ghea gb nfurf va lbhe zbhgu” ner nyy hfrq ntnvafg uvz.

    V vavgvnyyl gubhtug gung Funr jnf whfg cynlvat Glevba va gur obbxf, gbb, naq gung gurl punatrq vg sbe gur fubj. Ohg nsgre fbzr qvfphffvba jvgu n sevraq, V guvax vg’f dhvgr cbffvoyr gung Funr qvq ybir uvz, gb gur rkgrag gung fur pbhyq. Fur’f fgvyy bayl n pbzzba juber jvgu AB cbjre, gubhtu. Juvpu zrnaf gung va gur raq, fur vf bayl ybbxvat bhg sbe urefrys, naq gung zrnaf qbvat jungrire fur pna gb nibvq orvat xvyyrq. Jr ubarfgyl qba’g xabj jung Funr jnf qbvat va Gljva’f ebbz. Vg’f cbffvoyr ur jnf znxvat n qrny jvgu ure, vg’f cbffvoyr ur jnf npghnyyl fuvryqvat ure sebz Prefrv’f jengu. (Prefrv jbhyq qrsvavgryl gbegher Funr gb uheg Glevba, ohg gung’f abg Gljva’f fglyr.) Glevba frrf vg nf n greevoyr orgenlny, ohg Glevba nyfb xrrcf sbetrggvat gung pbzzbaref pna arire nssbeq gb or gehr sevraqf jvgu uvz, n aboyr, orpnhfr gurl nera’g rdhnyf.

  • Lady Viridis

    The more I think about it, the more deaths I remember. I count 7 fairly important characters: Wbsserl, Gljva, Funr, Gur Ivcre, Gur Zbhagnva (fbegn), Gur Ubhaq (znlor), Ylfn Neela. Cerggl fher n ahzore bs gur Avtug’f Jngpu qvr ba gur jnl onpx gb/gur onggyr ng gur Jnyy gbb.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I was being flip about the complexities of the situation, but overall that relationship was much more fleshed-out on screen. And without being able to read his thoughts (or narration, I guess), that moment seems OOC for all of them. I really hope they play it differently; as-is it would compromise his semi-good-guy status in a way the book scene did not.

    (Also, from a third-person perspective it’s rather similar to a certain Littlefinger scene later in the same book.)

  • Amiee Collier

    Vs fur fcrnxf ntnvafg Glevba yvxr fur qvq va gur obbxf, V guvax Funr unf gb tb qbja.

  • Laszlo

    “as-is it would compromise his semi-good-guy status in a way the book scene did not.”
    That’s all the more reason they should do it, they’ve been showing him way too positively so far. And both go through a lot of shit till that point, so it wouldn’t necessarily be out of character.