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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Let These Middle-Aged Men Explain Why They’re Better at Discussing Women’s Health [Video]

Well, it’s about time they came forward and explained themselves! Courtesy of Funny or Die and a delightful group of actors (Nick Offerman, Tim Meadows, Judd Nelson, Kurtwood Smith, Ray Wise, Corey Stoll, and Brian Flaherty) those poor, misrepresented men finally get the opportunity to explain exactly why they are better at talking about women’s health issues than women are. Full disclosure, I could only watch about 28 seconds because I started to have my period. I always have that!

(via Pajiba)

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  • Anonymous

    Nick Offerman stroking his mustache……how majestic.

  • Anonymous

    NOW propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    I laughed so hard! 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, why did God give women tummy pockets if he didn’t want babies to swim around in them? Mysteries of the universe!

  • Anna B

    Man, that hand thing… KILLED ME.

  • Angela Fortin

     Oh my, the dude holding up the calculator is what killed me.

  • Marie, Lindie, Tayegirl

     Just gonna leave this here:

    (For the record, I absolutely support safe and legal abortion. But there are a LOT of women who don’t. Including pretty much every other woman in my extended family.)

  • Anonymous

    I think this video is in direct response to the recent Republican Representatives’ panel regarding the inclusion of the birth control provision in the latest healthcare insurance regulation. The panel consisted entirely of men – most of whom were clergy members. The majority leaders refused the one woman suggested by the minority group. I think that everyone would agree that there are a lot of women who are on this side of the issue. No one can deny that. The problem that this video is satirizing is that none of these women were asked to speak at the panel. No women were consulted on an issue of women’s health.

  • dm10003

    Women’s reproductive health is between a MAN and a MAN.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think we should have an all women board to discuss whether men need their prostates checked at all and whether colon cancer is just fearmongering nonesense.  There should be a study done on women to determine whether these tests need to be performed on men at all. If women do not have major issues with these problems, then men should be fine and all regular testing should be stopped. (Heart attack studies were all conducted on men and all symptoms were erroneously applied to women until the 1990s).