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The Flash Pilot Might Get Even More Diverse With The Addition Of Superhero Vibe

Regardless of what you think about the DC movie universe, there’s no denying their TV game is on point. Quickly cementing their status as one of the smartest and most diverse franchises on the small screen, rumors are now flying that Arrow‘s CW spin-off, The Flash, is looking to add the shockwave-shooting, Hispanic-American hero Vibe to their pilot. 

According to Moviehole, Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) won’t be the only super-dude in The Flash; he’s going to be joined by fellow Justice League member Cisco Ramon, a talented mechanical engineer and metahuman. After being caught in the event-horizon of an inter-dimensional portal, Ramon’s DNA was re-written, granting him the ability to shoot out powerful shockwaves. Though we’ve already (ostensibly) seen Barry’s transformation into The Flash in Arrow, when a lightning strike sent him flying into a wall of chemicals, it’s not yet known whether or not we’ll see Ramon’s origin story.

Ramon would join the already-diverse Arrow universe, which includes Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul, and David Ramsey as John Diggle.  We’ve also already heard about the race-bending casting notice put out for an African-American Iris West, who would serve as Barry’s love interest in The Flash (and, you know, would hopefully be a little more than that, too).

With all this awesomeness, Arrow star Stephen Amell thinks that the DC movie and TV universes should operate in harmony, like their Marvel counterparts. Said Amell on the Quiver Podcast, ”

“Of course…I would like them to have a shared universe…We are trying to put them on a level where if Warner Brothers and DC Comics decided they wanted to them to be a part of the movie, people would buy it … I think that the characters we are creating in our universe can stand next to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.”

Well I know we’d all love to see Amell’s abs on the big screen, too. The Flash begins filming in Vancouver this March.

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  • Adrian

    I really hope that this new interpretation of Vibe is more appealing than past attempts. As a Latino, I always found him to be a ham-fisted representation at best. Maybe if they do him right and he’s popular, that interpretation can bleed over in the comics world (like in the case of Copperhead getting gender-swapped, or Harley being canonized based on her popularity in the animated series). Despite this, I’m really looking forward to the Flash series!

  • Harrison Grey

    I really want to like this. I really appreciate the addition of ethnically diverse characters, which is much needed in the world of superheroes. And latino characters seem to be particularly lacking, and that’s something needs to be remedied as well.

    …But Vibe? Really? Couldn’t we go with Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, or give us a latina woman character with Tarantula or someone? Or we could give the Flash another super scientist buddy and go with Ryan Choi Atom? Oh, oh god now I realized how much I want Ryan Choi to show up. Maybe Vibe is better now than what I’ve seen of him before, but it just feels like there’s much, much better characters out there, more deserving of TV roles.

  • Alex Cranz

    Tarantula would be a great addition to the Arrow-verse and it’d be nice to have her notable for something more than that awful run she had in Nightwing.

  • Harrison Grey

    Yeah, she would be better suited to Arrow wouldn’t she. Man, I really want Tarantula and Ryan Choi now.

  • Skol Troll

    Diversity = great. Blending DC TV with DC movies = spectacular! It’s something I’m not sure Marvel is truly interested in doing. AoS is just a separate universe with oh-by-the-way-it’s-Coulson until they prove otherwise. I’m sure I’ll get smacked for not agreeing with the Interwebz, but I was really invested in Smallville Superman’s origin, and I thought a move from TV to movies would have been great, assuming the writing would have gotten past the emo-somebody-SAAAAVVVVEEEMMEEEEE themes and gone with a mature Super Welling. Heck, I think the final episode did it. But alas, they switched.

    Seriously, though. A shared universe every time my eyeballs were dedicated to superheros? With established Green Arrow and Flash (i.e. pre-written backstory not needed to waste film time)? Words cannot express… so it’s time to shut up.

  • kbroxmysox

    Ah Jaime Reyes would hve been awesome. Vibe is a terrible character. Unlike Jaime who just happens to Hispanic, but is a character first, Vibe always come across as Hispanic first and a character second. He’s DC’s ill attempts at being diverse.

  • Charlie

    Nice! I’m still upset they cast a white guy to play Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed -.- I mean seriously?

  • Thomas Hayes

    Vibe’s recent comic has been pretty well-received, although it didn’t sell very well. He’s much less of a stereotype now.

  • Alex Cranz

    It’s all ruined now because I really want them too and now every time they introduce a new character that ISN’T them I’ll be irritated.

  • Cy

    This give me hope that I might see Static Shock at some point. Maybe a series of his own? Pleeeeaaaassseee? They can use the explosion at Star labs as an alternate origin story for him. He works as an intern there in the comic.

  • Gordon Borland

    God a show with the Milestone characters would be a amazing.

  • Nick Gaston

    I’m…taking it they’re using a slightly more revamped version of Vibe, not the hot-tempered breakdancer with the phonetically spelled accent, “meng”?

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Is that Vibe’s backstory? I confess, im not well versed about the character and what little I have seen has left me…Less than impressed.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Hmmm…On one hand, I think a whole series of Milestone characters would bee kinda difficult to pull off, especially with characters like Icon around…On the other, Dakota is pretty far off from other events introduced thus far in tv or film.

  • Mark Brown

    I’d be fine with abandoning the Snyderverse entirely and starting up a Superman TV series in the Arrow-verse (maybe intro it with a skeptical and cynical Lois Lane [and her more credulous and idealistic sidekick] showing up to investigate the Vigilante).

    Pity Sean Maher’s appearing on Arrow as another character; he’d make a perfect Clark Kent. . .

  • Alexa

    This is really frustrating because unlike what this article says, along with Snyder’s version I just can’t feel Arrow as a proper representation of the DC universe. Believe me I want to like the show, it has merits with some nice details to the background of the character and adding some side characters like Black Canary, Huntress, and what not, but with making the character feel like Batman and all the actor’s looking very cookie cutter aka model perfect (which is a annoying trope with many CW shows) and just the over dramatics and trying so hard to emulate Nolan, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The show just feels forced and very contrived, to the point where I can’t help but groan. I’m glad that they’re adding Flash and being more diverse, but in all honesty the only time I felt like the DC universe got the best treatment was in animation form. Again want to like the show but just don’t think its as good as people say *shrugs*

  • Laura Truxillo

    So much this. It’s hard to see “on point” in almost anything DC-related these days because really, it all just feels like “Trying hard to be like those Nolan movies.” Which was a great approach for Batman, but doing it across the board in a universe with as many different kinds of characters? Le sigh.

    Of course, I really just sort of wish Flash wasn’t happening right now either. I’d be terrified of what’s going to happen to the Rogues if I wasn’t already mostly numb by this point. (But I miss my boys so much.)

  • Alexa

    Can you imagine a gritty realistic version of Captain Boomerang or Captain Cold. Oh my god it will gloriously hilarious at how hard they try to make those characters work in a “realistic” setting, if they try at all. :P

  • Laura Truxillo

    The weirdly stupid thing is that pre-boot, Captains Cold and Boomerang *could* work in a realistic setting. They didn’t have superpowers of their own, just basic psuedo-science (I always thought Cold could adapt pretty well, so long as writers remember that what he does is more “slows down movement on a molecular level” and less “freeze ray”). But when they did the reboot, TPTB said that “old fashioned” non-powered villains just weren’t cool anymore, so they gave them Powers Gone Wrong…but on the other hand, they try to avoid anything like that in the movies/shows.

    Either way, I mean…Len can be gritty. He’s made of gritty. It’s just that he’s made of gritty failure. He’s a sad Johnny Cash song. Boomerbutt, though… aw man, it would almost be worth it to see someone try to make him gritty and threatening.

  • Alexa

    Yeah on some level nothing really wrong with making a villain gritty, its just that almost all of them are gritty. Its to the point where they all act the same, its boring and no fun. I think that’s ultimately the problem, in the animated universe everyone felt very diverse and distinctive, now on shows like Arrow both villains and heroes all talk and act the same, it seems like. I always say that the problem with the early years of superheroes in the media, aka the Schumacher years, is that they were way too goofy. Now they are on the complete other side of spectrum where they are way too serious. We now have heroes that kill without batting an eyelash. Seriously that is another reason why I can’t stand Arrow, in the very first episode he just kills a guy without any remorse. I get that’s part of his characterization, but it was so dark and kind of mean spirited that it turned me off completely. I mean with this and Man of Steel, where we have heroes killing on their very first day, as opposed to you know setting up some *better* drama later when they are faced with the prospect of having to kill. They writing just feels very lazy when it comes to both of these adaptations, because again they’re trying to make them both like Batman.

  • DonnaBrazileRocks

    Ehhhhhhh, casting a white girl as Nyssa Al-Ghul doesn’t really scream “diversity.” I’m not too familiar with Ra’s Al-Ghul in the comics (it seems like there is a desire to portray him and his family as both Chinese and Arab?), it does appear that he and his family are consistently not white.

    At least the actors on Arrow pronounce Ra’s Al-Ghul somewhat correctly, unlike the weird pronunciation of “Rashe” from B:TAS. Yay for confusing and unnecessary apostrophes!

    Also I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t link to the great DC Nation Vibe shorts

  • Harrison Grey

    I’d given up on the New 52 by the time the new solo series came out, so I hadn’t seen it. I was wondering if it might be a good place to start with for an improved version of the character, but I still don’t know why the Dazzler of breakdancing gets to TV before several other characters I can think of.

  • Harrison Grey

    Well, the writers of Arrow seem to legitimately listen to the fans, so if we keep talking up these characters, we might actually see them on air.