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Allow us to explain.

Questions! Questions That Need Answering

Evangeline Lilly Not a Fan of Butt Shots

We wrote a post last month in which we joked that Tauriel must have put her foot down about butt shots, because in their paired poster, it’s Legolas who’s got his back to the camera, while Tauriel gets an action pose. We had no idea (though we’re delighted to find out) that Evangeline Lilly, the actress who plays her, is also less-than-enamored of the photography trope.

(via E!)

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  • Anonymous

    how much of that is due to the fact that her derriere is chibi-sized and is so tiny and adorable it should be placed on a mantel somewhere?

  • grog1138

    Elven behind does not deserve a place on a mortal’s mantel, its home is the Grey Havens.

  • Anonymous

    mayhap, when coming from or departing to, the undying west… yet if must remain behind in middle earth, then rivendell or lothlorien would be a fitting repose.

  • Matt Pattavina

    eh, silvan elves are second class elves

  • Foxfire

    I’m more interested in the fact she says Coco is more attractive for being able to pronounce things correctly.

    That’s an awesome comment :)

  • Saraquill

    I now imagine a troupe of us finding all the copies of this magazine, and covering the offending bits of the cover with stickers. Preferably of donkeys.

  • daojun