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Adam Driver Denies Nightwing Casting Rumors For Man of Steel Sequel, Others Stoke The Fire

Adam Driver, cast member of HBO’s Girls, was recently thrown into the rumor ring for the Man of Steel sequel. Several websites named the actor for the comic book character Nightwing, Batman’s longtime partner and protégé Dick Grayson, but another finally asked Driver if there was any truth to the story. 

“No. Not that I know of, no,” Driver told Collider. “If you find out, let me know, and then I’ll know.”

I’m not sure about you, but this news is a big relief for me to hear. I think Driver is a great actor but absolutely did not see him as Nightwing. The previous stories hinted at this version of the character having been estranged from Batman (Ben Affleck) for some time.

Although Driver laughed off the rumors, he did say he’s a fan of Batman and Superman comics and called the whole thing “intensely flattering.”

“I mean, like this is Batman and Superman, like who doesn’t want to be involved in something that’s not only of that scale but of kind of what those characters are,” he said, “That’s an incredible world to be able to be in for a bit. Like who wouldn’t want to do that?”

In other Nightwing rumors, Vampire Diaries actor Steven McQueen created some of his own by posting the following tweet last week.

So far, no one from Arrow has mentioned Nightwing making a guest appearance on the series (The Flash is next) so we’re going to put this one in the “actor’s wishful thinking” pile.

(via Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    While I am usually the first one to roll my eyes at people prematurely getting into an uproar over casting….I really can’t see this guy as Nightwing. Like at all.
    I think Nightwing is a good idea for getting Grayson to the big screen without the pitfalls of Robin, but I don’t get a Nightwing vibe when I see this dude. Maybe I’m just picky though.