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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Remember That Time The Doctor Met The Beatles?

We leave you today with something remarkable. There’s been some interesting photos of individuals from days past that resembled people living today. For instance, John Travolta looked like a time traveler thanks to this old-time photo, and people were calling Nicolas Cage a vampire because of this one. But, uncovered today is a photo that might just show Doctor Who’s Matt Smith (or the Doctor himself if you prefer) hanging out with the Beatles! Hit the jump for a bit of explanation and a reaction from showrunner Steven Moffat

Someone tweeted the image to Moffat, swearing it was real, and it quickly took tumblr by storm.

Neil Gaiman once discussed having the Doctor and Amy almost meet up with the famous British rock band in his episode (back when it was slated for the fifth season instead of the sixth) but honestly, WHY HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED YET? The series is almost 50 years old and though they’ve mentioned them many times, they’ve yet to have the Doctor actually interact with some of the most famous British people ever (there’s a Short Trip titled “Gone Too Soon” where he supposedly jammed with them but that was in a book)? Yes, Moffat, get on that.

So what do you think of that picture? Matt Smith IS always toying with his hair…

(via TARDIS Junkyard)

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  • Anonymous

    Actually, the Beatles road manager Neil Aspinal.

  • John Wao

    So what are the true identities of the Beatles? Four alien refugees who arrived on Earth in their version of the TARDIS which looks suspiciously like a yellow submarine, on the run from the Blue Meanies? In order to hide themselves they posed as a local pub band, since the Blue Meanies hate music. Everything would have been fine except a local musical producer heard them and the rest is as they say…Now their worldwide popularity has exposed them to the Blue Meanies who send the giant glove to capture them or destroy them. The Doctor arrives to help them escape the clutches of the Blue Meanies and in the process gives them the inspiration for one of their songs: Nowhere Man.

  • Psychotronic (Michael F.)

    Or could it be, as a certain Broadway musical revue of the late 1970s once proclaimed, “an incredible simulation”?

  • Amy M Weir

    Yes, this (go Beatles nerds). So it definitely is a real picture, of definitely a real person not time-traveling.  But it’s still a fun concept– sure, the Doctor had to save the course of musical history by becoming a roadie for the greatest band of all time! And then he ran Apple Records. The Doctor can do that.

  • Emily Hill

    while its obviously someone with similar features I have to agree BBC be stupid not to do an episode after this little gem has been unearthed and I have seen on the show and in comics for the doctor him talk about meeting or going to see the Beatles so BBC GET ON WITH IT ALREADY

  • John Paul Thomas Saylor

    Well, for those who know… that’s Neil Aspinall. This was probable already mentioned by someone, but yeah. :P Would still be a cool episode, no doubt.

  • Laura
  • Jill Pantozzi

    Uggggh, you guys! Stop taking the joy out of it! No one thinks anyone was actually time traveling. :(

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Obviously the Doctor WAS Neil Aspinall.

  • Kate Yanchulis

    Inspector Spacetime travels through time too! Danny Pudi and Matt Smith both have historical doppelgangers:

  • Leah Hoffman

    That is an amazingly uncanny picture!! And wouldn’t it be funny if they did make such an episode, and Chris Ecclestone (9th Doctor)played John Lennon?? (You know, since he played John in the film “Lennon Naked”…)

  • Nicholas Swenson

    Haha, wow. This is fantastic. Please, Moffat, don’t let us down!

  • Leah Sayers

    So what do you think of that picture? Matt Smith IS always toying with his hair…

  • Emily Hill

     There is actually a petition floating around for this I can link you if you want

  • Anonymous

     I did :’(

    As for making a TV show of this obvious real life time travelling evidence, if the doctor went back he’d more likely than not get mistaken for Mr. Aspinal … that could get real confusing real fast …

  • Anna Jobsis

    He did actually sort of meet them in The Chase :)

  • Anonymous

    I am in love with you =)

  • Linda Ong

    That would be the most awesome idea ever. 

  • qieerxi

  • Jennifer Gonser
  • Anonymous

    It’s like he’s showing off…like he WANTS us to see him…

  • Anonymous

    Best. Idea. Ever.

  • Willow Polson

     What kind of a lame fake name is that, anyway? Better than John Smith, I suppose…

  • Willow Polson


  • Willow Polson

     We have a winner.

  • Anonymous

    I want to marry this comment


    Its actually Neil Aspinall, the beatles ever faithful roadie and attendent to all needs beatle!he was actually a trained accountant but as a mate of theirs found himself at the centre of the hurricane as they liked to call it where all was always calm!

  • Gabriel Reynolds

    Just sayin…

    (Picture pulled from a Google image search, seems to be from a blog called

  • James Ryan

    Technically, the Doctor already met the Beatles; during the episode “The Chase” there was a brief appearance by the Beatles where they performed  and were spied by the Doctor (William Hartnell) and his companions who viewed them through a TARDIS device.  One of the companions, Vicky, noted that their music was played in the hall of classical music at Liverpool, referencing LIVERPOOL ORATORIO and STANDING STONE a good 30 years before they were premiered…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I didn’t count The Chase because the Doctor didn’t actually meet them, just watched them perform.

  • JustPlainSomething

    What if the Doctor was the Walrus. :O

  • James Ryan

    The Doctor might have *wished* he were Neil.  In his lifetime, Aspinall became the sole executive of Apple, which made multiple fortunes through the last quarter of the 20th Century and the first decade of this one, and was on an even footing when facing down Steve Jobs, which was no mean accomplishment.  Sure, having a TARDIS is nice and all, but compared to actually *being* Apple for that time, that’s a heck of a choice being offered there…

  • Lyz Frerking

    Lol, I was looking this up to show to my brother today. I had forgotten just how legitimate it LOOKED! Damn!

  • sarah

    But he has eyebrows, Smith doesn’t

  • Torey Mackenzie

    UGH. You jerk! You just ruined it for everyone! D:<

  • Katrina

    Looks pretty legit. But someone who is a professional should look at it and actually say if it is real or not.

  • Jordanlol