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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Clara and the Doctor Take a Break From Running to Monologue About Each Other in Doctor Who Finale Prequel [VIDEO]

Next week will (maybe) see some of Doctor Who‘s greatest secrets revealed in the season seven finale “The Name of the Doctor.” To tide us over ’til then we have a rather cool mini-prequel wherein the Doctor and Clara walk around the TARDIS all moody-like contemplating each others mysteries. Enjoy!

(via: io9)

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  • Robin S

    I have little hope that the mystery is going to be all that interesting, frankly.

    A mystery is a mystery when there are clues and you can possibly figure it out. When the reveal comes, you look back and go, ‘ohhhhh snap!’

    When you are told something is a mystery and are not given enough details to get even close to the actual truth, it’s called authorial withholding, aka bad writing. This happened with The Impossible Astronaut.

    Also: they look like they’re walking through a BBC prop room. I know it’s supposed to be the TARDIS, but.

  • Frank Mitchell

    The next episode will probably raise more questions than it answers. I’d be surprised and disappointed if we found out the Doctor’s actual name, but maybe we’ll find out why it’s important. Maybe we’ll find out why versions of Clara keep popping into the Doctor’s life … or maybe we’ll get more puzzle pieces. They’re probably saving the good stuff for November.

  • Anonymous

    There hasn’t been much buildup, I don’t see how they can “resolve” anything. Heck, Scooby Doo drops more clues.

    “Let’s see who Clara really is!”
    /pulls off face
    “…Old Man Jenkins?!?”
    “And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling Time Lords!”

  • Shelley Barnard

    Once again, all the character development for Clara comes from telling not showing. The writers keep saying “she’s clever,” but there have only been a couple of times when she’s been SHOWN to be clever. And other than her dubious cleverness, I see no distinctive personality traits. And now we have the Doctor saying, “She’s perfect for me” (which is creepy and possessive, but we’ll let that go), as if that releases the writers from all obligations to SHOW them getting along perfectly. With all of the other reboot Companions, you could SEE that the Doctor enjoyed the company of his friends; maybe it’s just me, but that friendship chemistry just doesn’t come through for me at all. And now we’re informed by no less of an authority than the Doctor himself that Clara is the MOST SPECIAL FRIEND ever. It irritates me

  • Celos Beats

    CAnt wait for the finale!!!

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    pfffft XD in a scooby doo analogue, the doctor would be a mash up of freddy, shaggy and velma

  • Anonymous

    Really not loving the romantic tension they’re suddenly trying to build between the Doctor and Clara. It doesn’t seem organic to me, for one. Two, I expect better from Doctor Who. The only real romance done with any grace (in my opinion) has been between River and the Doctor and that’s so tragic. Don’t soil it by watering down Clara’s potential with pubescent tingly feelings.

  • Travis Fischer

    Sure am glad they didn’t waste five episodes of this season with a pointless send-off for the Ponds rather than developing Clara… oh…

  • Anonymous

    I figured it out. The Doctor is Clara. This solves the mystery of who Clara is and why she can’t die and it gives the Doctor’s name: Clara. Every other complication this theory raises can be hand-waved away with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

  • Anonymous

    That’s interesting. How did you arrive at this conclusion? I’m totally stymied…

  • Anonymous

    It’s self-evident since it resolves both mysteries simultaneously while at the same time being non-sensical and likely infuriating to all audiences.