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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i'll just leave this here

Doctor Who Little Ponies

Today in adorable mashups: Doctor Who and My Little Pony. Together at last! Click through for other angles of the Tenth Doctor featured above and more.


The Fourth Doctor

Captain Jack Harness

The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones

And last, but not least … the TARDIS.


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  • Shard Aerliss

    Did you typo Cpt Harness on purpose? You know, ‘cos ponies have harnesses..?

    Never mind :P

    TARDIS pony is beautiful. Very imaginative. *heads over to the DevArt gallery*

  • Jay_wynne

    I want one!

  • Anonymous

    I would pay good money for a weeping angel pony. Of course, then I would probably be afraid to be in the same room with it…

  • Cassidy Doria

    An Eleventh Doctor or an Amy Pond pony would be amazing!

  • GeekyMom

    ROSE PONY!!!!

  • Gdgds

    Where can I get one of those!?!

  • Jay Dee

    That was epic…i love your ponies…thank you for sharing.

  • Jay Dee

    and the tenth doctor is my doctor, and he makes a epic pony

  • Courtnayhayhay
  • Brandon Strang

    Those are really good, hopefully you can make other Doctor’s 1-3, 5-9 & 11 as well as a Master Pony