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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

this exists

If Doctor Who Were Friends

Once Upon a Geek did a round up of people cutting new openings to Doctor Who using the theme songs of other television shows. This one is probably our favorite, although the Battlestar Galactica one (below) makes us very nostalgic.

For Buffy, Angel, MacGyver and more, see the Once Upon a Geek post.


  • Abel Undercity

    If Doctor Who were Friends… I would jump off a building.  I’m not kidding.

  • Ipstenu

    Oh man, that BSG one sent chills up my spine!  Wow.

    And I could totally see Catherine Tate and David Tennet in a NonRomCom as the Doctor and Donna… In fact, I’m PRETTY sure that was that whole series.  Love Tate!

  • tincan

    Aaaaaaaah…please fix title!! “If…were”!

  • Anonymous

    Nope. The title refers to the show Friends which is a singular object. The “was” stands.

  • Geekeasy

    Even though this is the subjunctive tense? Technically I believe you can go either way.

  • Pepijn

    That’s the wrong Battlestar Galactica to feel nostalgic about… ;-)

  • Kimberly

    Even though I’m one of the very few who’ve seen almost nothing of Friends.. their theme is insanely catchy. It was pretty funny to see it applied to Doctor Who. :D

  • Pat Galea

    Actually, tincan is right. It should be ‘were’ because it’s subjunctive (which doesn’t have anything to do with whether the object is plural or not). It’s the same as in “If I were you” rather than “If I was you”. You’re asking what it would be like if (somehow) Doctor Who were the same as Friends; you’re not asking whether Doctor Who was actually the same thing as Friends at some time in the past.

    Subjunctive is becoming less commonly used and recognised these days, though.

  • Pat Galea

    Now that’s weird. I wrote this a few hours ago, but decided not to post it when I looked at what I’d written, because it looked too nitpicky. Just now when I revisited the page, it’s suddenly decided to post it for me, but not in reply to the original post!

    How very odd!

  • AA

     No, it’s not about singular versus plural. This is the subjunctive mood. “Were” should be used here.

  • Anonymous

    I reverently bow to the internet consensus.