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Cartoon Network Puts DC Nation on Unexplained 3 Month Haitus With No Notice to Fans or Creators

Cartoon Network viewers, fans of Young Justice, Green Lantern, and lots of people anticipating the premiere of the first Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, and Black Lightning shorts were confused, Friday night, when they checked their television listings to find that in the hour when DC Nation normally aired, something else entirely was listed. It had been replaced by Dragons: Riders of Berk, a tie in series to Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon. Many people assumed it was just a mistake, since even the creator of the Gemworld shorts, Brianne Drouhard, was under the impression that her work would begin airing tomorrow.

After all, DC Nation couldn’t go on hiatus again: it had only been two weeks since it returned with a new season of Young Justice and Green Lantern after a four month break. Could it?

Apparently it could, and for not reason that Cartoon Network has yet been forthcoming with. Dragons ran in DC Nation’s usual spot, and the only explanation the network has offered has been through its Twitter and Facebook pages. If you can call this an explanation:

A bit cheery, for a situation with a complete lack of forewarning, and a bit vague for a response that came hours after the fact. Their Facebook post is similarly without substance:

Fear not, DC NATION fans! Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice will return in January with new episodes, only on Cartoon Network!

What adds an even weirder slant to the whole thing is that folks behind the shows that were scheduled to air on Saturday didn’t even know about them being bumped into the next year. From the tumblr of Brianne Drouhard:

So DC Nation won’t be back until January, or that’s what Cartoon Network is currently posting on Facebook. I know as much as you guys. I hope these shorts air eventually, it’s a shame.

It’s a very disappointing turn of events, not just for people who were really looking forward to seeing the tv debut of Amethyst, Black Lightning and his super powered daughters, but also for fans of DC Nation‘s two ongoing series, Green Lantern and Young Justice, who had just enough time to air two episodes from their new season before the unexpected hiatus. Hopefully Cartoon Network, DC Animation, or Warner Bros. will be forthcoming with some information soon.

(via Its Walky, Potato Farm Girl.)

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  • Al Pavangkanan

    A lot of people speculating DC pull DC Nation because the lost rights to Milestone characters for Young Justice

  • Carey Adams

    Don’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for CN to officially cancel (or say anything for that matter) Tower Prep. The way they treated Paul Dini was terrible. He had no idea what they were thinking regarding the show and he created it. Not surprised they are pulling this stuff with DC Nation. At all.

  • Anonymous

    Riders of Berk?

    If you know your cockney rhyming slang that’s either the worst name for a kids show ever, or the best name for a kids show ever.

  • KO

    Ugh I really really wish this show would get a second season. Cartoon Network is the worst sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    The lack of explanation is extremely disrespectful. The creators should know why the shows they put so much effort in to isn’t airing like it’s supposed to and the fans should know why they are expected to wait even more than they already did.

  • Anonymous

    It’s worth noting that the episode of Young Justice that *was* supposed to air did still get posted to iTunes, so it’s possible to at least pick up and watch that one.

  • Supermorff

    Appalling treatment of the hard working creators of these shows, who really should have had some warning and explanation.

    However, the unaired episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern are currently available (for US viewers) on iTunes at and respectively.

    Tupka217 at the Young Justice Wiki has compiled facts and rumours about the postponement at

    Finally, there’s a petition to sign if people want to complain, which is at

    (Also, I love the site. Read it all the time. Keep up the good work.)

  • Lindsey Stock

    God. I’m really loving both Young Justice and the DC Nation shorts, but I’m getting fed up with all this nonsense. They spend more time on hiatus than TNT spends on Law and Order marathons.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Grrr… I’ve been waiting so long to see Thunder and Lightning again!

    I can believe they’d swing out of no where at the fans, but I’m shocked that they didn’t even let the creators know what was going on.

  • Mark Brown

    This is probably Didio’s fault.

  • Karsten Anderson

    DC only leased the rights to begin with and the only issue they have is using them in comics the use of the characters in there animated line is a separate contract.

  • Kenny Zaborny

    I’m pretty sure both CN and DXD don’t realize a large part of their audience aren’t kids. Plus parents have to answer to their kids when something isn’t on. A disappointed child is hard to deal with. We’ll take to the internet and demand answers. In an age where communication to the audience is as simple as a tweet or post it is unacceptable.

    I remember a post on Tumblr where the creators of Motorcity were asking the audience if an episode actually aired because not even Disney could tell them for sure. It didn’t, something else aired in its place. That episode never did air.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Hopefully they air, as Brianne Drouhard is super-talented and deserves the exposure.

  • Anonymous

    Would have been nice to watch it on my DVR, as much as I hate to do it I am gonna give some money to apple just so I can watch GL and YJ.They may not air on Cartoon Network but iTunes has no problem selling the episodes. Just reinforces that I dont need cable

  • Anonymous

    These series need to go on the same schedule as your typical evening tv shows. (Law and Order, Fringe or whatever series is still around.) I can’t keep track of a story that that last time I saw an episode felt like MORE then 4 months ago. So the whole picking up where we left off, confusing. I also preferred the DC Nation on Friday night as it was easier for my family to watch it together while having dinner. We don’t wake up early for Cartoons anymore. That’s what Tivo is for.

  • Shaun

    Cartoon Network is probably trying to kill the block. Multiple Hiatus’ and Schedule changes can destroy a show/shows ratings upon return.

  • Elizabeth Dimen

    i am not whelmed, not whelmed at all

  • anon

    the creaters of the Tower Prep confirmed it was canceled a while ago. Cartoon Network still own the rights to the show but refused a second season due to their whole “Live action tv” segment not really working out. The second season was written but the creaters are sworn to secrecy so we’ll never find out what happened

  • Carey Adams

    They strung him along with no word on it’s fate for more than a year. Though the silence was deafening, it was pretty disrespectful.

  • Nicholas Spezio

    Maybe they’ll talk with Williams Street and expanded toonami into prime leading into late night. So that way the shows still air but the DC block is gone.

  • Nicholas Spezio

    This is upsetting. I want to watch the shows on TV but Cartoon Network is making hard if they air two episodes and then go on hiatus again.

    I know they plan on expanding DC Nation with the new Teen Titans show and Beware the Bat (something I’m honestly not looking forward to really). But to put Young Justice and GL on hold just so everything is new from the get go is kinda silly.

  • leslie deniseC

    fuck you cartoon network first you canceled thundercats now this fuck you .im done viewing cartoon network i hope they lose rating i hope they tank and go bankrupt and all those morons lose thier jobs and wind up on the streets begging !!! and i hope the people who canceled DC Nation and thunder cats and lose their lives. the world be better without losr tards running programs!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Coming back to add a link to the episode in iTunes, to make for easier purchase:

  • James King

    I hope this doesn’t turn into a cancellation of the series. If we actually get the rest of season two I hope they return with a third. I have been looking and there is a lot of speculation. We just lost Thundercats. Which I thought was an awesome show. We better not have to trade Young Justice for the new Teen Titans. I liked the old one but Young Justice has so much more substance. They forget that most of their viewers for these comic book related shows are adults. Everything is becoming to dumbed down. Disney has been doing it with the marvel shows. Cancelling Avengers and Spider-Man for a sillier kid friendlier version. Kids love it either way and can follow it quite well. I know kids who can tell me about the ins and outs of Young Justice better than myself. I’d rather loose Green lantern than Y. J.. I love Batman but I am invested in Young Justice. It’s starting to not be worth getting into these shows now that they don’t make it past two seasons. The old DC show went on very successfully. Batman/animated, Superman, Justice league.

  • Kayla McKenzie Palmer

    I’m surprised that CN is doing this with DC Nation. DC is one of the more popular subject of shows that they display and I don’t thing CN is realizing how much they are pissing people off. If they do realize then they don’t care which is a shame. What happened to companies listening to there customers (or in this case watchers) and making a decision that is better for the company. Sure CN is big but there is always room to make more money.