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Today in Depressing

True Blood’s Charlaine Harris Has Fans Threatening Her Over The Ending To Her Sookie Stackhouse Novels

Charlaine Harris, writer of The Southern Vampire Mysteries novel series and the source material for HBO’s True Blood, is ready to end her story. Unfortunately, some fans aren’t and they’re taking their displeasure to a dangerous place. 

Harris is debuting her thirteenth novel in the Sookie Sackhouse series, “Dead Ever After,” very soon. And it’s meant to be her last. Though there are a few fans who wish it would keep going forver.

“I’m very fortunate that people are so invested in the series,” Harris told the Wall Street Journal. “At the same time, it can be a source of some anxiety to get emails that say, ‘If Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric, I’m going to kill myself.’”

Yeah, I can see how that would be cause for anxiety. The report says she’s been taunted and begged by fans to keep the story going and even had fans show up at her house to get their books signed once.

“The prickly dynamic between Ms. Harris and some of her followers highlights how hard it can be to kill a successful series. For the first time in years, Ms. Harris isn’t touring to promote the book. She doesn’t want to be berated by readers who hate the ending or want vampire spinoffs,” writes WSJ.

As fans ourselves, we know how easy it is to get attached to fiction and those involved but it’s sad to see fandom take this particular turn. It’s certainly not the first time fans have gone down a dark path but when creators actually feel the need not to engage with fans because they scare them too much, it’s really time to think about our place in the creative process.

(via Think Progress)

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  • Anonymous

    “when creators actually feel the need not to engage with fans because
    they scare them too much, it’s really time to think about our place in
    the creative process.”

    Yup. I think fans need some sort of Game of Thrones-like credo, such as “ours is not to create, ours is to consume.”

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Look, if Sookie ends up with certain characters, I’ll be as irriated as the next fan, but Jesus, it’s a book series. That’s also what fanfiction is for.

  • John Johnston


  • Lindarinya

    Jeez, poor woman. If they are that upset why don’t they write fan fiction like everyone else and leave her alone?
    At the end of the day the fans should thank her, she has an end in mind, and will probably end it in a much better written place than other series have gone to. (Cough, Laurell, give Anita her curtain call, you’ve practically destroyed everything we once loved about your books by never letting the series die.)

  • Anonymous

    I never got this in regards to the Whedon fandom. I was sad when he killed Tara and Wash, but ultimately it’s his creation, and his story, and he’s created whole worlds that I’ve loved and enjoyed for years. I’m not going to give him crap for taking his creations to a difficult place. I think it would actually be less enjoyable if there wasn’t a sense that the characters were always in real danger of biting it.

  • Susan Steeves

    Couldn’t agree more about ABVH. And for the record, I’m very happy with who Sookie ends up with!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, these are the words House Fanboy should live by.

  • Jessica Sadoway

    Exactly what I was thinking. Someone should warn her not to go driving on snowy mountain roads by herself.

  • Tina Beychok

    Note to Fandom(s): If you did not create it, *you get no legitimate say in what happens to it.* Also? Don’t be that creepy stalkery fanboi who shows up at the creator’s house. Because that’s just creepy. And stalkery.

  • Anonymous

    When Characters die, they die. Just like in the real world, and they should be allowed to stay dead, with dignity. Who’s hearing me? Also, fans should let their fave creators create, and leave them to doing what they, the fans like or not like…
    Who’s hearing me? After all, the creators and the fans have to get along to keep creating and consuming going. WHO’S HEARING ME? I was wiped out when the DC Universe was rebooted in 1986… But I move on and back when things were nearly rebooted… Why can’t everybody else???

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching this whole sorry mess unfold after someone spoiled the ending and the subsequent fan meltdown. The response has been, in a word, disgusting. The Eric fans have always been somewhat extreme but this has gone beyond all reason; it’s like they have forgotten that Charlaine Harris gave them Eric in the first place.

    I have zero sympathy for them.

  • Avalon

    I feel terrible for Ms. Harris. I love her Sookie novels and will be sad to see them end, but that’s about it. I have zero tolerance and respect for ‘fans’ who have made this awesome author feel unsafe to travel. It’s disgusting.

  • Kate

    I just cannot get over the sense of entitlement (and ownership!) that some of these fans are displaying. It is HER creation. If you don’t like the direction it went, don’t read or buy the book. It’s that simple. Feel free to create whatever fanworks you want to give you the ending you desired. Read fanfic. Just, for the love of God, DO NOT THREATEN THE AUTHOR.

  • Anonymous

    Tell that to the freaks who threatened the guy who writes Spider-Man for Marvel Comics…

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree!

  • Sara

    I just hope that Sookie does end with Eric but Im not going to go batshit crazy over it if they dont! Of course Im going to be sad when the series ends, pretty sure I balled at the end of Harry Potter, but isnt that the point of a great story? To have an ending? Thats why we go back and re-read them over and over again.

  • Sara

    Its why I stopped reading them. And I will never get how ABVH is in Fantasy/Scifi in the bookstore and the SVM is in Romance >>. But that is what exactly fanfiction is for!!

  • Robert Paske

    I think I know what you mean here, and I don’t want to go all Conan the Grammarian, but that typo gives a completely different mental image.

  • Lynn Christopher

    Of course, these are the same types of people who also berate, harass, and threaten fanfic authors for writing things they don’t like. Do something, anything that hits their proprietorial berserk button and they go from zero to psycho in one mouse click.

  • MaryJanice Davidson

    Love your attention to detail there, Joshua. He definitely said something! ;-)

  • MaryJanice Davidson

    It’s all gotten progressively yukkier. It went from Spoilergate to being about entitled readers, except not. (We’re all very confused.) Last week: threats of suicide if CH doesn’t write the “right” ending. This week: death threats. Because OH MY GOD, really????

    Reader entitlement/Author entitlement deets here:

    and the follow-up here:

    Love love LOVE this site!

    MaryJanice Davidson

  • Sara

    Yea the feels messed up my typing. Oops.

    …And I usually proofread too. Oh well.

  • Heather Walker

    As a huge fan of Harris’ four different series of novels, and someone who felt that a lot of the Sookie series started repeating itself after book 4, I am so excited about what she is going to do next.

  • sioushi

    …I thought our credo was “Whenever you ask when the next book will be finished, GRRM kills another Stark.”