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It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Cards Against Humanity Has a Doctor Who Expansion Now

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Ah, Cards Against Humanity. The best of games to play with your friends and the most uncomfortable of games to play with your family. (Christmas, two years ago. Mom and Dad, I am shocked.) And now, thanks to the comedy group Conventional Improv, there’s a Doctor Who version called Cards Against Gallifrey ready to be downloaded, printed, and added to your deck.

Hopefully unnecessary warning, but just in case: Behind the cut lies offensiveness.

(via: io9)

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  • Katy

    Awesome, but I really wish they would make a Ladies Against Humanity expansion pack.

  • Heather Lynn

    There’s a Tumblr (I cannot, for the life of me think of the name!) that creates feminist cards that you could collect and print if you feel so inclined. I feel I heard about it on this site so perhaps click around?

  • Anonymous

    Cards Against Humanity is created under a Creative Commons which means anyone can use and create their own cards for the game, they just can’t sell them for profit. This expansion pack, like Ladies Against Humanity, was created by a third party group under that Creative Commons for you to print out and enjoy at your leisure. It’s essentially the same thing as what LAH is doing.

  • Katy

    Oh. I didn’t know that’s how it works. Thanks!

  • Katy

    I’ve seen the Tumblr. It is hilarious.

  • debijl

    HA! I don’t know if my favorite is Tom Baker wearing only his scarf, or going back in time to fix the real crime against humanity, which is Twilight.

  • Katie Wood

    These are very cromulent cards.

  • Charlie

    It will probably be a fixed point…