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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

These Disney Princesses Don’t Mess Around

These princesses are not wishing upon a star. They’re bored to death of sitting around and waiting for princes, dreams, and all that other fairy tale stuff to happen. Who’s the fairest one of all? Justice.

Belle: Go ahead — call her weird. What a puzzle to the rest of us is how she let you get away without a kick to the face!

Ariel: She’s got whoozits and whatzits aplenty — and they’re all gonna rip you to shreds! (Also: She knows exactly where bin Laden is …)

Jasmine: You’re in for a whole new world — of pain!

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? It’s because he thought he could beat Pocahontas in a fight. And then she painted with all the colors of his blood!

Tiana: She’s climbed a mountain and crossed a river, and she’s almost ready to take you out!

Cinderella: A dream is a wish her boot makes!

Aurora: She showed you mercy — once upon a dream!

(Joshwmc’s DeviantArt.)

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  • Wawaboy

    Just so ya know, that’s The Frog Princess, not Tinkerbell…

  • Ben Riley

    You labelled Tia from Princess and the frog as Tinkerbell.

  • Jamie

    You are correct! So sorry about that. I saw the green dress and the bun, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Thanks for catching that! 

  • Heidi Mason

     Her name is Tiana, not Tia.

  • ainok

    I’ve always hated the Disney effin’ Princesses, but these I like.

  • Amanda Allen

    I love it! I wish the artist would do Tinkerbell!

  • Anonymous

     Halloween costume win.

  • Joanna Moylan

     Snow White is kick ass!

  • Katherng

    So where is Tink??? She was bad to begin with ready to poison Wendy from the start!!

  • Anonymous

     So we should just assume we’ll see this group at Dragoncon this year, right?

  • Amanda LaPergola

     Oh hi, This Year’s Halloween Costume.  I see you’ve brought friends.

  • Setsuna181989

    Cinderella will be there, as well as a few mystery others—Oooooo

  • kalsangikid

    I love how anatomically correct they are, too–no ripped and oiled-up muscles, watermelon boobs, or tiny waists–just bodies that look buff in a realistic, healthy way.

  • Anonymous

  • Abel Undercity

     Why do I get the feeling that Aurora’s finisher is a sleeper hold?

    The magic mirror belt buckle on Snow White is a nice touch.

  • Anonymous

     On his deviant art profile, this guy’s favorite movie is “anything without Pauly Shore.” WIN.

  • Bada703

    This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to be a Disney princess.

  • Jay_wynne

    I might collect these Princess dolls! 

  • MickieMousseau

     My oldest girl will go for the Sleeping Beauty as a costume she loves wrestling I love Ariel. Hello Halloween costumes.

  • Shannon Halliwell

     Totally awesome! These are my kind of Ladies!

  • Anniem749

    And WHY do they all dress like HOOKERS!!!!   These are what Feminists fought AGAINST!  Come on folks….these are 13 year old boys dream hookers….

  • Heather Skweres

    Pocahontas is wearing pants! FINALLY!

    Seriously, these are friggin’ awesome.

  • Rachel Radwanski

     Yep. Gotta love it. 

  • Rachel Radwanski

     Could the editors of The mary Sue please link back to the original artist. Apparently he’s getting annoyed with people taking his artwork. 

    You can read more here:

  • Brooke

     I totally agree, I like the fact that the princesses are more proactive, but I don’t like how every outfit looks overdone. kicking ass is nice, being strong and empowered is nice, but kicking ass well not making the outfits look so stereotypical is nice too. It seems every time we get a female action hero she wearing almost no clothes, what does that say? I’m pretty sure she could still do just as well will more on.

  • Anonymous

  • Jack

    To be fair, you have close to 100% odds that any time you have a male action star they will be shirtless at least once in the film. If it’s a movie with Matthew McConaughey, you can be guaranteed that he will be shirtless as much as possible. It goes both ways. And if it’s a film with Kevin Bacon from the 90′s, he will show his penis if he can get away with it. Because that’s how he rolls, I guess.

  • Jack

    To be fair, you have close to 100% odds that any time you have a male action star they will be shirtless at least once in the film. If it’s a movie with Matthew McConaughey, you can be guaranteed that he will be shirtless as much as possible. It goes both ways. And if it’s a film with Kevin Bacon from the 90′s, he will show his penis if he can get away with it. Because that’s how he rolls, I guess.

  • Frodo Baggins

     Ah, creations of the Sucker Punch School of Character Design, I see.

  • Theodor

    I like the fact that Mulan doesn’t need a reimagining because she is already a BAMF/BAFF.

  • Ividia Kt

     heh…were these done before or after the Shrek treatment?  cause that Snow White is still my favorite, and I can never hear the Immigrant Song without thinking of her.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Although compared to most fan art, the cleavage is very minimal.

  • Anonymous

    While I’m inclined to agree that most of these girls are a bit fetishized I have to strongly disagree on one count. The picture of Belle is actually a pretty accurate depiction of Thai Kickboxing gear. In fact I’d say she’s actually wearing more than most kickboxers, male or female, would. It’s not about looking sexy, it’s about giving the body the maximum range of motion possible. Look at what most mixed martial artists wear in the ring. Jeans, slacks, and other “proper” clothing restrict movement and retain heat and sweat. This can lead to a fighter chafing and getting tired faster. In this case at least the most revealing clothes are also the most practical.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    I’ll repost what kat wrote earlier:

    “I love how anatomically correct they are, too–no ripped and oiled-up muscles, watermelon boobs, or tiny waists–just bodies that look buff in a realistic, healthy way.”

    As someone who likes comic book and video game fan art, she’s absolutely right. A concept like this could have been far more sexualized and exaggerated than what you see up there.

  • Jocelyn Dugan

    Did anyone else notice that Belle’s shin plates say something about Gaston?

  • Anonymous

    No, it does not go both ways. Those are idealized male bodies, not sexualized and objectified. Note how almost all those male action stars are the LEAD in the film with depth and a plot beyond sexy, romantic sidekick smurfette? Not the same. 

  • Invisible_Jester89

    w00t! Bad. Ass. Tiana looks like she should be in a war film, but no Mulan? Disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    You also don’t have to use gendered slurs to make a point.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please. You’re doing the very thing that feminists fought against: telling people how to dress. Do not degrade people just because they don’t wear clothes that you deem appropriate.

  • K

    and honestly, the lead male is usually not an “ideal” male – he’s older and less in shape than the “ideal”.  We get the flabby/underdeveloped chests and bums of the +40 male, but female chests and bums are almost always of pert 20-early 30′s.

    (not trying to say a certain body type is “wrong” – just that, nope.  In no way is the male and female portrayal equal, even when they DO show males topless).

  • K

    wait….are you….are you honestly implying that no one should voice ANY criticism because it could have been worse?

    Yes, it could have been worse.  Almost EVERYTHING could be worse – if I drew these women with no room for organs, should I dismiss complaints with, “at least they’re wearing bikinis – it could have been worse!”

    The ability of a piece to possibly have been worse does not automatically protect it from the criticism that it could have been better.

  • K

    I don’t see anyone telling another human how to dress.  I see commentary that fictional females are being portrayed unrealistically, likely in ways their male counterparts would not be. This is the very definition of feminism.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    I’m not saying you can’t voice any criticism, I’m trying to put it in perspective.

  • Christopher Forsyth

    So basically…Ariel ends up turning into AndrAIa from Reboot?

  • Bounty Hunter

    Nice one :)

  • Rebekah Eagle

    They’re still dressed like prostitutes. How disappointing. 

  • Stephany McCann

    If you actually went to his DeviantArt, you’d see that he has stories for each of them.  Aurora, for example (which is the skankiest), is a professional wrestler. That’s how they dress. Not defending that sexualized industry, I guess, but there is a reason for some things. 

    Also, saying they look like hookers is kind of offensive. They’re all fighters. They’re athletic. When I work out, I wear just a sports bra and some tiny shorts because it feels better that way. It has nothing to do with how others perceive me, it’s just easier that way. Just because they don’t fit into how you think women should dress doesn’t mean you have to deride it. He isn’t making them look skanky; in my personal opinion, I think they look rather fierce. 

  • Anonymous

    These are pretty neat, and as Kat pointed out, I love the way the bodies
    are drawn. The faces however, are very creepy. I find it interesting
    that the artist was so skilled with the physical attributes of a
    feminine torso shoulders, arms etc, but not the characteristics of a
    face. Also, where the hell is Mulan!?! Otherwise, well done!

  • Jen Rock

    I guess I just don’t get why people put “tough fighting” women in skirts. Isn’t it easier to fight in loose pants or shorts? I mean, if I ever had a little wrap around in my martial arts class, I’d be too distracted pulling it up/fixing it every 10 seconds to kick someone in the face properly. Also, I don’t think I’d need to distract them with my crotch.

  • Julian Leverton

    Am I reading too much into the fact that the African-American princess is the one with the gun? Still like the images.

  • Alex Hardison

    It’s also kind of offensive to sex workers to always use their name as the worst possible insult.

  • Charlie

    I think they look badass and sexy at the same time. They also look like they have internal organs which let’s face it is a nice improvement.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha she painted with all the colors of his blood.

  • The huntress in the night

    Aurora as a wrestler.. now thats bad!

  • Daenerys

    Actually no, feminists are fighting for women to dress however they want, but for it to be their choice. If a woman wants to be a sexy cat for Halloween and wear lingerie, AWESOME! She should not be shamed for doing so. You can take these costume ideas and wear pants and cover your cleavage if you feel so inclined, but there is no problem at all with the way these costumes are presented as is.

    Secondly, a woman dressing in a promiscuous way does not, in any way, make her the same as a sex worker. Please stop considering yourself a feminist if you think this way.

  • Anonymous

    Sexuality is the rightful possession of all mankind. If a warrior wish use it to her advantage, it is her perogative. YOu are welcome to try and take it from her if you think you’re strong enough.

  • Anonymous

    Except that’s EXACTLY what you just said. Doublespeak at its most naked.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should stop crying and start illustrating. I would love to see your ideal female warrior. But I’ll mock you publicly for crying and attempting to belittle another’s freedom of expression.

    It takes self respect, responsibility and talent to do something worthwhile. It takes nothing but ego masturbation to complain. Pick up a pencil.

  • Anonymous

    Feminism is dead and long overdue for a burying. All special interests must give way to humanism or sink into fascism.