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Just What You've Always Wanted

The First Assassin’s Creed Game With a Female Protagonist is Coming to a Console Near You

It was just a few months ago that we were talking about the main character of Assassin’s Creed Liberation arriving on consoles for the first time. Aveline de Grandpré, the biracial French-African child of a plaçage marriage in 1700′s New Orleans, was announced as the star of an hour long DLC pack available with the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed IV: Pirates Black Flag. But now, the Liberation team has revealed that on the back of strong fan support for the handheld version of the title, they’ve been able to complete a new feature-packed version of the game that will ship to Xbox, Playstation, and PC early next year.

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation was released almost a year ago on the PS Vita, a notoriously poor selling handheld and without the AAA marketing campaign that would befit a new console version of a blockbuster gaming franchise. Given that, it’s pretty awesome that the Assassin’s Creed fanbase managed to show Ubisoft that gamers are totally ready to play the part of a female protagonist, as well as a protagonist of color. The console version of the game will be getting the expected graphical update, detailed at Destructoid, a day/night cycle, and, happily for the folks who did manage to play the Vita version, there will also be new content to slash your way through.

All the missions have received some improvements and polish based on fan feedback and reviews, and there’s more tutorials in place throughout the game to better help new players to the series understand new game mechanics as they pop up. There’s also 15 extra side missions that have been added based on the persona/clothing changes you can do.

There’s even a new trailer, featuring lots of Aveline being a total badass:

Rest assured that we’ll have a review of it on The Mary Sue, unless, like, Becky‘s thumbs fall of or something.

(via Destructoid.)

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  • Adrian

    Awesome. I wanted to buy/play this but I don’t have a PS Vita. I’m glad I’ll finally be able to pick it up!

  • AnnaB


  • Ashe

    Oh MAN. I was so disappointed when I heard about this many months back: the disgustingly rare time I can play a character who looks like me and it’s for a system I not only don’t have, but nobody wants in the first place.

    Consider this BOUGHT. In the meantime, I will watch the trailer ad nauseum and dream of cosplay.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    This series is getting out of hand… I actually like the backstory with Desmond and the Templars. I’d like to see it get resolved or have the next game set in the games modern time or even in the future. It just feels like it’s being milked now.

  • Aeryl

    I know I was the same way. Now that it’s coming to XBox I am w00t!!!

  • Aeryl

    Boo! I just started playing them last month, and I’m hooked! I want a million more!

  • Aeryl

    Boo! I just started playing them last month, and I’m hooked! I want a million more!

  • Anonymous

    I felt the same way. I was pretty dismayed and irritated that Aveline was put on handhelds rather than cross-platform mass market PC and consoles. The one playable woman protagonist in a dozen AC games.

    So I am ELATED by this. Super excited! I’ll be picking this up on Day One for sure. It’s also great to hear they’ve been polishing and tweaking missions based on feedback, as well as adding more content.

  • blu girl

    I am soooooo excited for this game. I was disappointed when this was announced as a Vita only game (seriously, who owns a Vita….). Can’t wait!

  • Ashe

    Every time I get the opportunity to recruit a bunch of women in a videogame, I DO IT.

    Here’s looking at you, Mass Effect! (I’d say Brotherhood but I haven’t gotten to play it yet…:’c)

  • Ashe

    That got me hyped, too. Extra content? Fixing glitches that I’ve read were a supposed frustrating problem on the Vita version? OOH.

  • Anonymous

    I purchased the Vita after its price reduction (200€ with a game bundle in France), and it was mainly to be able to play this game. MAN, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. The background was so promising and I was so interested by playing somehting else than a middle-age man in a hood (the Assassin’s Creed male heroes have different personnalities, but in action they all look alike)…

    But first thing, the game is full of bugs and glitches, it even CRASHED (no other game ever did that on my Vita). But more than that, the story is horribly narrated, there are plot holes, dialog incoherences, extremely boring missions and the fact that Aveline can change its appearance isn’t that useful.

    So if it gains a more stable and more beautiful version on HD consoles (even though graphics on the VITA aren’t something to complain about, the landscapes are quite enjoyable and Aveline has a detailed representation), that’s perfect, but I hope they also fixed the huge narrative issues, because it remains the worst Assassin’s Creed game I’ve play regarding the story. And being on the Vita isn’t an excuse for a poor scenario (i.e. Gravity Rush).

  • Aeryl

    It’s REALLY good!

    I mean, a lot of it is retreads of missions from AC2, you can tell it’s not an actual “sequel”, they use a lot of the same boards from AC2 even if the setting is different, it all takes place in Rome, and they reincorporated a few things from the first game that did work that they had cut from 2, like the distance indicator on HUD.

    Plus, you recruit an Assassin Brotherhood, and can send them on assignments and use them in missions!

  • KA

    I am ALL for this!

  • Aeryl

    Of course, any douche-bro who sees that will automatically think Ezio’s building a harem.

    Oh man, that just made me realize there’s probably someone who’s done just that.

  • Axe Armor

    So it was buggy, had a dumb story, and the missions were boring.
    Welcome to Assassin’s Creed. More importantly, is there anything to climb? Colonial New England turns out to be painfully flat.

  • Joni Graybill

    *sigh* You’re totally right, of course.

    To the game’s credit, it’s awesome that the women recruits are given the exact same final assassin outfit and weapons as the men and the game treats them no differently at all. They’re 100% equal and that’s fantastic. Small victories.

  • Anonymous

    Just throwing this out there, but there’s an unlockable cheat that makes all potential assassin recruits in that game female.
    (I just spent the last month playing through the three Ezio games, and finished Revelations literally an hour ago).

  • Anonymous

    ^This. Besides, the writers said they have an ending in mind that they’re building toward, but the premise is open-ended enough that they can keep making sequels as long as there’s demand.

    And there’s demand.

  • Emily Hill

    (fangirl squeal) I’M SO HAPPY

  • Aeryl

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t played 3 yet, I’ve heard it’s a letdown. But I could follow Ezio around for YEARS!

  • Anonymous

    I agree the controls have always been a bit clumsy in the series, but the scenarios, even if not that amazing, were treated with more coherence and missions tended to be done relatively fast if boring.

    AC3:L doeasn’t have a dumb story per say, it’s just really badly told.

    About the climbing, I would say it is like Assassin’s Creed 3 with less cliffs : there are a lot of things to climb (and in the swamps you’de better use the trees to advance because swimming is horribly slow) but not really high.

  • Melynda

    I was going to get a Vita just for Liberation… Thanks for saving me that cash, Sony.

  • Lily Jones

    The assassins creed would have been absolutely perfect if you could choose to play as a male or female ancestor. As a female gamer who has bought all of the games, and love them like mad, I hate being stuck playing a man’s part all the time. Sometimes, I want to see a female hero! I really hope that Liberation is amazing, and I hope that future AC games consider us girl players once in a while!

  • Victor A. Reyes

    I actually played the Vita game and it was actually dissapointing. Aveline is not as well explored or developed as Ezio was in the 2nd game. Unless they add a lot of more story content in this remake, don’t go expecting race and sex issues to be explored because Aveline is black and female. It really just seemed to be an excuse to have a slave and lady disguise for her to use. That is the main reason for her to be black and female, gameplay purposes. I really hope they changed this in this remake.