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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

What Game Of Thrones’ Arya Would Look Like In A 1960s Animated Disney Film

Anyone else getting The Sword in the Stone feels from this illustration or is it just me? I’m currently plotting in my head how the film would go if Arya were the main character instead of Wart.

(via TwiggyMcBones)

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  • Besomyka

    Everyone gets stuck with the pointy end.

  • protoformX

    I thought of The Black Cauldron first, but Sword In the Stone works too. But Arya versus The Horned King? Awesome-sauce!

  • Jordan Brown

    Needle needs to be skinnier!

  • Maricela Gonzalez

    I’d love to see a Disney Sansa. She’d totally just be in her element. Oh! Better! Disney Brienne!

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    it would be nice, till Disney re-imagines her for their princess brand.

  • James Alexander

    More importantly that is the wrong kind of sword. It’s a rapier.