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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Amanda Reviews The Avengers

Editor’s Note: We asked Amanda LaPergola, one of our contributing writers, to review a movie for The Mary Sue.  She agreed.  And then we never heard from her again.

This past week a package arrived at The Mary Sue headquarters containing a note from Amanda’s mom (“Dear Ms. Sue: Please excuse my daughter’s tardiness.  She has just had a birthday and has been going through an existential crisis.”) and the following… [Spoilers]

Amanda LaPergola tweets @LaPergs.  If she were an Avenger, she would be She-Hulk with pants.

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  • Jill Pantozzi

    <3 you, Amanda.

  • mea.glitch

    Yay more Amanda reviews!


  • Anonymous

    <3 Squirrel Girl!

  • Anonymous

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  • Matt Shipman

    These illustrated reviews are my favorite reviews ever (sorry Pauline Kael).

  • Rachel Blackman

    Okay, this is just my initial hypothesis and thus still subject to extensive peer review, but my theory is that this may be the best movie review written *ever* in the history of time and across all alternate universes.  (Including Earth-7914, the Review Planet.)

  • Malcolm Harris

    Squirrel Girl!

  • Stephanie

    I was thinking the same thing about Captain America’s skin. It looked so flawless. Comes with being a capcsicle for 70 years.

  • Anna B

    Yay for the Hulk-Loki scene! One of my favorite scenes ever.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I repeat… Amanda should review everything… and write for TMS full time. 

  • Shawna Lynn

     Oh my! I had a super superfangirl moment when I read that part of her review! It was a total mashed potato of fangirlness. My love of all things Thor collided with a sudden realization that Amanda totally gets the way I think and says what I would say and therefor I should be her superfan… …and my head exploded. It was made of awesome!

  • Shana Ziolko

    I vote Felicia Day as Squirrel Girl! She already has Whedon mad-props….

  • Dazee

    YES! Hulk’s reaction to Loki trying to monologue. That was awesome! Honestly, the Hulk made the movie for me. I mean, I really did love all of it, but, just managing to give the Hulk, as the Hulk, so much personality was amazing. At least in my opinion.

    I just wish I hadn’t had to watch it in 3D. I was thankful that it was very subtle with the 3D effects, but watching the quick fighting scenes were just blurry and kinda hurt my eyes.

  • Jocelyn Dugan

    This was adorable. 

  • Kath

    The best part for me? Oddly enough, it was that drawing of Spider-Woman. I don’t know why, but I loved it.

  • John Wao

    That review was made of awesome.

  • Anonymous

    What ever you pay Ms. LaPergola needs to be tripled

  • Sara Crow

     I hope I look that damn gorgeous after being cryonically suspended for over half a century. But then, I’d have to go in looking at least that damn gorgeous, which is impossible. Ah well.

  • Sara Crow

     I like Hulk and Puny God illustration best.

  • Jonathan Bastow

     After  the film my wife was going on and on about Thanos showing up (she’s a much bigger comics fan than I).  All I could respond with was “…didn’t Squirrel Girl kick his ass once?”

  • Anonymous

    Now I haz to see dis moovie!

  • Anonymous

    Amanda has got to review The Dark Knight Rises, when it comes out!

  • ReadingDiva

    LOL – awesome review (weird to find someone who pretty much picture things the way I did)!

  • Timid Atheist

    Can I like this more than once? This is the best thing ever next to the movie itself.

  • Åsa M Larsson

    This review is made of AWESOME!!!! XD

  • Anonymous


  • Amanda W

     SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH! That was my favorite part of the movie.

  • Keven Miller

    I think any future Avengers movies with subtitles need to be in Amanda’s font/writing including the guide lines.

  • Åsa M Larsson

    Close. It was Dr Doom. :D

  • Juste Trinkunaite

    Thor’s hair deserve facebook page, therefore it’s here:

  • Brenna

    I love that you used Squirrel Girl, she is my favorite!

  • Anonymous


  • A. Miles Davis

    She’s Captain Marvel now.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Not yet, technically speaking.

  • Laurie Shannon

    More please!! I believe her illustration of the Hulk summed up my feeling of that scene exactly, hee!! 

  • JustPlainSomething

     You fool! You’ve insulted the Earth-7914! Now they’re going to send their bloggers to destroy us with analysis!

  • Rachel Krengel

    Never before has anything ever expressed my views about anything so perfectly. Even  down to the “oh so the only female avenger in this film is the black “my super power is that I have a gun but also I have boobs” widow, well…  I… erm… notice that… but i don’t really care because this film is AWESOME!