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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

ABC Seems to Have Uncovered a Previously Unknown Nolan Batman Film

Because they definitely weren’t watching Batman Begins when they made this promo. Which is a real promo. And not a fan re-cut.

(via Newsarama.)

Previously in Batman

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  • Anonymous

    I think Mark Hamill sums up my reaction best.

  • TKS

    This made me laugh. And then I remembered that ABC Family is responsible for one of my favorite comic book/superhero television programs (The Middleman) and I think about what ABC Family COULD have been.

    And then I get sad.

  • Her Majesty’s Wombat

    This made me spit take at work…that random whip crack sound effect is priceless

  • Anonymous

    High-five for The Middleman, though! That show needs more love.

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure every smile in the film was in that ad (that is to say, there were 5 smiles in the whole film).

  • Tor H

    Now, I’m curious at how the network would handle The Dark Knight.

  • Anonymous

    Triple high five! Read the comic book series it’s based off of if you haven’t yet! Totally worth it.

  • Drew Humberd

    I was wondering if perhaps there were not some smiles included from other Bale films.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even know there was a comic series. :O

    brb reading all of it

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like this surprises me ever since I saw a TV Spot for the Cider House Rules made it look like an intense psychological thriller.

  • gia manry

    [Batman shots] HE’S a by-the-books lawful good superhero.
    [Joker shots] HE’S…[brief montage of zany acts] not.

    Will this Joker get the better of the Bat-family? Find out tonight on ABC Family. Family family family!

  • Ryan Colson

    This was hilarious, but wasn’t he fighting for family (kinda)? Not sure if serious about ‘lives for love’, though

  • Rick Bman

    Is it bad that there is part of me that wants to see a version of the movie that would fit with this ad just to see how terrible it would be?

  • TKS

    Yeah, he wanted to make a Television show, and all the networks told him that it wouldn’t work for television. Something about how “you can’t put a ‘tentacle ass monster’ on TV.” So he made a comic.

    And then he was approached about turning the comic into a television show.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, that’s pretty great.

    (Also I was wondering why somebody thumbed down your comment because I thought it was pretty interesting, but apparently somebody has thumbed down every comment? whyyy)

  • TKS

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.