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"Ook." The Librarian of the Discworld's Unseen University is an orangutan. But his colleagues don't seem to mind. In fact, if you told them there was an orangutan working at the library, they would probably go call the Librarian to sort it out. The Librarian actually used to be a human and was turned into an orangutan by a strong wave of magic. While it has never been confirmed, he is presumed to be one Dr. Horace Worblehat. And while some might do everything in their power to return to their human form, the Librarian actually found his primate features to be very useful in the Library of Unseen University (scaling shelves, wrestling with living grimories, for example). Because of that, he made efforts to erase his human identity, making it even harder for his colleagues to remember him the way he was. As a senior Librarian, he is privy to the knowledge of all great Librarians, which is that any library, regardless of the contents of its books, is a very powerful thing. After all, knowledge is power. And power is energy, and energy is equal to mass times the speed of light in a vacuum squared. The library of Unseen University is a great weight in the rubber sheet of L-Space, the phenomenon that allows all libraries everywhere to connect to one another. Travelling through the stacks of L-Space is not with out its hazards and unique geography (wild roaming herds of thesauri, scuttling step stool crabs) but the Librarian wanders them freely and easily. Sometimes leaving large banana-ry fingerprints behind him. And he isn't just the Librarian -- he's also a Special Constable of the City Watch and mysterious ape-about-town. He's known to sneak into Patrician's Palace Menagerie some nights and come out...more relaxed than he came in. No one really knows what he's doing in there, but suffice it to say that there are no other orangutans hanging out in there. But he's a frequent visitor to the pub (he especialy likes the peanuts in the little bowls) and seems like a very easygoing cat... in a manner of speaking. Just do not, ever, call him a monkey.

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