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When and How Does Luffy Get His Scar in ‘One Piece’?

A scarless child Luffy falling for Shanks' trickery in One Piece 1029

You wanna see a child get hurt? What is wrong with you? Seriously, why do you want to see this poor, sweet, rubbery boy from One Piece—an anime!—become disfigured? Is this how you get your sick kicks? I bet you like kicking puppies and watching squirrels cross power lines while hoping they fall off. I bet you got a job at Life Alert just so you can listen to the cries of all the old people who have fallen and can’t get up. You make me sick. SICK. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.

You’re still here? I thought you might be. You’re like a shark, or a particularly violent opossum. You just can’t help yourself when you get the smell of blood in your nose, can you? I’m not going to enable you. In fact, I’m going to tell you exactly which episode of One Piece features Luffy getting his scar so you can NOT watch it.

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It happens in Marineford in episode 487 right after …


Ace dies.

As an unconscious Luffy is being carried out of the fray by his loyal fishman friend Jinbe, Akainu attacks Jinbe by piercing his chest with his fist. Akainu hit Jinbe so hard that Luffy himself ended up taking part of it. The next time we see Luffy, he has is trademark X shaped scar on his chest. Jinbe was fine, apparently.

However, if you’re wondering about Luffy’s other scar (the one below his eye) he got that in the very beginning of the manga. Literally the very first panels. He shoved a knife into his face to prove to a bunch of pirates that he was tough. This kid is in desperate need of more positive role models.

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