golden buttered buns by Texas Roadhouse
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Those Yummy Texas Roadhouse Rolls Are Coming to the Freezer Section, but There’s a Catch

If you’ve ever dined at the steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse, you probably already spend a fair amount of time daydreaming about the rolls they give you when you sit down to eat. Those soft, pillowy, freshly-baked rolls served with creamy honey-cinnamon butter have developed a bit of a cult following.

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We’ve got some good news for you: Soon you’ll be able to mosey on down to your local store, buy a package of frozen Texas Roadhouse buns, and take them home to bake them in your own oven. The only catch is that the “local store” in question is actually the capitalist hellscape known as Walmart. Also, you have to live in one of just three states to get your hands on a package of those soft, buttery rolls. Ironically, none of those states are Texas.

Food blogger Markie Devo revealed the news of this new Texas Roadhouse/Walmart partnership in an Instagram post on June 24, 2024. Each package includes 12 frozen mini rolls that come in their own baking pan. The box also includes the brand’s honey-cinnamon butter so you can glaze the rolls like they do in the restaurant, or serve it on the side, if you prefer.

Sadly, the mini rolls will only be available for purchase at Walmart stores in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, although in fairness, there are 212 locations across those three states. If you happen to live in one of those states, you can get your hands on a package of Texas Roadhouse mini rolls starting June 29, 2024. According to Devo’s post, this is a test project, so if Walmart sells enough rolls, we could see a national expansion in the fall.

It takes a lot to motivate me to go to Walmart, but tasty bread products might just do the trick. Then again, judging by the high number of “copycat” recipes that currently pop up in your average web search, maybe I can skip the store after all. But you didn’t hear that from me.

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