The Top Painting Software for Artists Worldwide Is Over 40% Off!

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If you’re getting into digital art, you’ve probably heard two software names again and again from the pros: Photoshop and Corel Painter. The latest upgrade, Corel Painter 2019, is what earns its spot as the top traditional media painting program for professional artists. And we have it for 41% off. Get Corel Painter 2019 for $249 at the Mary Sue Shop.

Corel Painter beats out Photoshop for many digital artists. Breathing Color says it’s “more controlled and refined from loose paint to detail” and gives you “more of an organic painting experience.” Up your game with 900 different brushes in 35 brush categories, exclusive particles and pattern pens, and options to prep, auto paint, and restore details. You can even super custom, importing your own brushes, custom palettes, textures, gradients, and more.

Get the top choice in painting software by artists worldwide for over 40% off. This deal gets you lifetime use of Corel Painter 2019 for life on up to three devices. Grab it for $249 at the Mary Sue Shop!

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