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TMZ Alleges That Johnny Depp Will Be Featured at Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

In “God I hate this planet and I want off” news, TMZ has shared that Johnny Depp has been invited to be part of the upcoming Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 show by Rihanna and her team. This has not been confirmed by Rihanna’s team as of yet, but as TMZ tends to be a reliable source of celebrity news, it has been spread all over the media.

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If this is true, then it is a shockingly ridiculous move from the Fenty Team and Rihanna herself. TMZ says, “We’re told JD won’t be walking the runway, instead, he’s going to be a focus of one of the show’s ‘star’ moments—which has included the likes of Cindy Crawford and Erykah Badu in the past. Depp—who will wear items from the men’s collection—will be the first male in Savage X Fenty show history to take the role.” Previously, TMZ broke the news about Depp being part of the VMAs.

In addition to this, Depp was hired by director Maïwenn Besco to star as Louis XV in La Favorite, and it was reported that the actor and Maïwenn (who is also playing his romantic interest) allegedly clashed on set constantly and that Depp was frequently late and unprofessional.

Despite all of the clear evidence of his actions, especially with the later court documents leaking, and domestic violence experts discussing the many things people got wrong in the heavily publicized trial, Depp has been welcomed back by the A-List with open arms. Of course, this should not be a surprise. We have seen plenty of alleged abusers come back into public good grace. Look no further than everything going on with Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

In a recent article titled “How Angelina Jolie’s Abuse Claims Impact Brad Pitt’s Reputation,” The Hollywood Reporter found that people overwhelmingly do not care about the allegations, nor have they allowed it to change the way they feel about the actor.

As for me, I find myself hoping this Depp news isn’t true, but I’m not holding my breath. We have seen so little support for male victims like Anthony Rapp and the other victims of Kevin Spacey, that to waste so much time and space on Depp just stings. Because he was always going to be fine. People wanted him to be fine. Meanwhile, people still seriously think Amber Heard pooped on someone’s bed and dressed up as a turd and tagged her on social media—a totally rational and normal way to react to a case about libel where domestic violence was a huge part of the disclosure. Such advocates for male victims and survivors.

Sigh. Worst timeline.

(via TMZ, featured image: John Phillips/Getty Images)

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